Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Rachel Weisz plastic surgery speculations took the celebrity world by storm. This was not due to the fact that plastic surgery is an uncommon practice in Hollywood but because the celebrity is known to be anti plastic surgery. Despite the widespread assumption that Hollywood is the home of plastic surgeries, it is not surprising that there are some celebrities who are against this art of beauty. For such stars, they believe that indulging in plastic surgery equals sending the wrong message to the world. For such celebrities, the plastic surgery microscopes are focused on the just waiting for them to go back on their words. Rachel Weisz is one such celebrities, she strongly advices against plastic surgery and claims that nature is much better than plastic. The debate regarding Rachel Weisz plastic surgery has been on going in a number of social sites with even accredited critics offering conflicting views.

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery

Rachel Weisz Bottox and Nojse job


Plastic surgery speculations concerning this American beauty claim that she has had only two procedures: Botox and rhinoplasty. The Botox speculations are based on the fact that the star is not showing any usual signs of aging expected of women of her age. Some critics even go to the point of subtly hinting that Rachel must have acquired the inspiration for plastic surgery from her husband. Her husband had to turn to plastic surgery to repair the injury he acquired during the filming of James Bond movie. The truth in these speculations is yet to be ascertained. However, considering the fact that the star is anti plastic surgery, some of her fans believe that she is a victim of malicious speculations. The star is yet to respond to these allegations, a thing that has further fuelled them given that silence is usually taken for consent.

What Critics Have To Say 

When it comes to ascertaining the truth in speculations, views form accredited surgeons are important. According to Dr. Youn, Rachel Weisz plastic surgery speculations are true. He claims that her face shows evidence of a newly invented type of Botox procedure: Dyspot Botox. He claims that this recent invention may be the answer to the prayers of Hollywood women who seek to reverse the aging process. His views are supported by two other renowned surgeons: Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. David Shaffer. The two claim that her face does not show any usual aging signs a thing that is unnatural for a woman in her forties. Dr. Nassif further supports the rhinoplasty claims. On the other hand two other accredited surgeons believe that Rachel is a victim of the Hollywood stereotypes. Both Dr. Jennifer Walden and Dr. Sherell J. Aston are of the claim that the acting sensation looks natural. According to the two, her face shows no traces of Botox and there is no evidence of the rhinoplasty procedures.

Rachel Weisz Surgery or Good Genes? 

The plastic surgery speculations concerning this actress are considered controversial. It is rare to find a celebrity plastic surgery speculations with contradicting sets of views from accredited professionals. To her credit, maybe Rachel’s case is a case of good genes given that she is so much against the practice of plastic surgery. In some cases, the before and after photos are never enough to tell the truth about celebrity transformations. Pictures are altered and the angles in which they are taken can also alter the appearance of a celebrity’s facial features. On the other hand, proper makeup application techniques are also known to be behind celebrity transformation. Plastic surgery or not, Rachel Weisz is still considered one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood .