Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

 Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

We have some before and after of Rick Springfield plastic surgery pictures, and they aren’t pretty. The General Hospital star and hit single singer has admitted to having plastic surgery gone wrong in the past, and claimed to have learned his lesson, but many question if that’s entirely true.

At 24, he went to Australia and had a plastic surgeon try to make him look even younger. (How he found a plastic surgeon willing to make a 24 year young teen idol look even younger, we’ll never know!) Though he admits that this was fueled by insecurity and depression, and that it was a terrible, almost horrifying experience for him, it hasn’t stopped him from doing it again, and again. Many of his fans and critics are convinced that he is still regularly getting work done on himself.

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

If you take a look at his before and after pictures, it’s obvious that he had a face lift, had an eye lift, his eyes have a different shape now than they used to, and look a little sunken in. Most of that was a result of the surgery he had done in his youth. But, it’s also apparent that he routinely gets botox injections and filler treatments, and many think that he’s still altering his facial features to this day.

Like so many others who have bad experiences with plastic surgery, he didn’t check out his doctor’s credintials, didn’t pay attention to all the procedures that the doctor was going to do to him, and just didn’t do the proper research before hand. And though he regrets the mistakes he made in his youth, it hasn’t stopped him from continuing to toy around with plastic surgery.

While most people are retiring, he is still maintaining his career in the limelight, though some may argue that his fame nowadays comes more from his poor choices in plastic surgery and less from his good looks or acting talent.

So what do you think? Is he the perfect example of plastic surgery gone wrong, or does he still manage look good for a 63 year old man who has admitted to regretting getting work done?