Rihanna Plastic Surgery

Rihanna Plastic Surgery

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

We bet there are still lots of things you don’t know about the “Umbrella” singer, like her real name, which is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Or do you even know that she was actually an army cadet at a sub-military program back in her native Barbados? That’s probably the reason why the star seems at ease with her military-inspired character in the movie Battleships, where she starred as a Navy weapons expert. Lastly like any other famous celebrity, Rihanna got her legs insured in 2007 by no other than Gilette to the tune of $1 million. And speaking of body parts, we can’t help but get into the nitty gritty of another Rihanna fact – her known plastic surgery escapades.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Speculations

With somebody as famous as Rihanna who get hounded by the paparazzi day in and day out and who’s photos gets splashed on print and online all the time, it’s no surprise when people start to speculate on any obvious changes in her physical appearance. Showbiz news people and even fans are quick to point out Rihanna’s enhanced looks from recent images, making way for rumors that the famous singer has decidedly undergone plastic surgery to improve her physical appearance.

Many have focused their attention on her nose, pointing out that the speculated Rihanna plastic surgery produced a more narrow facial appearance, which is being compared to previous photos that show a more rounder-faced Rihanna. What’s more, recent photos show a much curvier Rihanna, firing up more plastic surgery speculations that involve breast augmentation.

Rihanna and Rhinoplasty

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your facial appearance, especially if you’re Rihanna who is being photographed every waking hour. The rumored nose job or what’s also known as Rhinoplasty has enhanced Rihanna’s facial features in the most positive way. Nose jobs are a common thing in Hollywood and to most people, it came as no surprise when Rihanna seem to have gotten hers done. For those who aren’t that familiar, the procedure is done by narrowing a person’s nasals. And with her uniquely Caribbean beauty, rhinoplasty seem to have worked very well with Rihanna’s features, with the small change adding to her already appealing face.

Breast Implants – Yay or Nay?

Breast augmentation is such a common thing among showbiz personalities. Some get it done quietly, without any fanfare and anyone barely noticing. While some get their breasts enhanced and the following day, the rumor mill is fresh with the news, such as what happened when Rihanna came out with a seemingly new pair of enhanced-looking breasts. Although some people has pointed out that such breasts can be achieved through make-up or a good push-up bra, the speculation that Rihanna got a boob job would not go to rest. While others say that her enhanced-looking breasts is just the work of a great make-up artist or stylist, some are still going on that she may have gone under the knife and that her speculated breast enhancement looked really good on her, especially that her rumored new cup size goes perfectly well with her body.

Rihanna After Her Speculated procedures

It can be summarized that both speculated Rihanna plastic surgery – nose and boob job – actually produced a more refined beauty. Even as people continue to discuss whether both rumored enhancements are genuine or not, Rihanna herself remain mum on the topic. At some point though, Rihanna was quoted saying that the only time she will consider having a breast augmentation is when her breasts start to feel the powers of gravity, or in short saggy. Well she does have a point, doesn’t she?

Nonetheless, we still want to think that her rumored surgeries suit her perfectly and did not in any way exaggerate her features or worst, distorted her unique Caribbean beauty that is one of her best assets aside from her amazing voice. It can be understood that if these enhancements were indeed true, then that’s how it really is for the high-flyers of Hollywood.