Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

He was born as Robert Helper “Robe” Lowe on the 17th of March 1964 in Charlottesville Virginia. He is a famous American film and television actor. He has been featured in several movies and television series with his most memorable roles in Oxford Blues and The Spy who shagged me. He is the son to Charles Davis and Barbara Lynn who worked as a trial lawyer and school teacher respectively. He has one brother Chad who is also an actor and two other half brothers. He was born deaf in his right ear.


Plastic Surgery Speculations

The handsome actor must be a case of good genes or must have established a careful relationship with plastic surgery. Time is nothing on him, his facial skin is ever rejuvenated. Although a few wrinkles can be traced on his forehead in some of his photos, considering his age, this is negligible. Critics insist that there is a high likely hood that the actor has enjoyed a few does of Botox. Aside from this, it has also been speculated that he has reconstructed his face over the years. Considering that the star looks almost natural, it is easy for him to keep denying these rumors. He has been quoted saying that he has not had any procedures and his current looks are as a result of the good genes he inherited from his parents.

Botox and Facelift and Chin Implants

Allegedly, Rob Lowe has had his wrinkles smoothed out through a combination of Botox and facelift. A combination of these procedures often delivers the best results. Since the actor has few lines on his face, it is assumed that he uses the above procedures once in a while. His improved skin tone is unnatural for someone of his age. While he argues good genes, not all of his fans are pleased with his decision to engage in these procedures. They claim that they interfered with his natural beauty. The shape of his face has also changed considerably creating rumors that he has undergone a chin implant. His face is now oval as opposed to his almost round shape. Long jaws are considered more attractive since they give the impression of a long face. Just like he denied having worked on his wrinkles, he has refuted having his face reconstructed.

Surgery Results

Most celebrities have depended on a nip here and a tuck there to maintain a successful career. Although most of them do not admit, a comparison of before and after pictures speak volumes. Critics and fans have offered different reactions to Rob Lowe’s surgery results. A good number of his fans have criticized him for his decision to have his face reconstructed. His facelift and Botox results have not been received well. He has been criticized for losing his natural skin tone to them. He may keep arguing good genes but clearly, this is not enough to keep speculators off his case. He is still a trending topic all over the media.