Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Photos


 Robert Redford is 77 and not so Many Wrinkles, Natural or Not?

Robert Redford often insisted that he could never go the Hollywood trend of fighting back the ageing process through plastic surgery. However, there are subtle changes in his appearance, raising a lot of speculation that he might have had a change of thought. It is not common for male actors to go for plastic surgery, especially Robert Redford who has even won the Oscar Award.


Robert Redford is aged 77 and there is every expectation that someone should be having wrinkles at this age. He has no visible signs of ageing, which raises a lot of questions as to what he might have done to maintain such a healthy facial look.




Nothing could have worked on those wrinkles better than Botox injections. His images before and after surgery show a great contrast. He had millions of wrinkles and a saggy skin around his eyes but eyelid surgery has changed all that now. The eyes are perfectly wide and open, again the results of plastic surgery being very evident.


Facelift has been on top of the rumours about this actor’s cosmetic surgery. He once had a loose skin all over his face but what fans see today is a tight and glittering skin that cannot be attributed to diet because these Hollywood icons are not patient enough but rather they need a quick surgical procedure that will alter their appearance at once.


However, unlike the cosmetic surgeries that most female counterparts have undergone, his does not make him look too plastic. While he has this youthful look, it does not have the smoothness that is expected out of a Botox injection. Nonetheless, he has kept the ageing effects at bay, at least for now.


For a man to have the confidence of seeking Botox, facelift and other cosmetic surgery procedures,he could have gone for breast augumentation as well but thank God the male breasts have nothing to do with being handsome. Just like other Hollywood icons, Robert Redford will never admit that he has undergone plastic surgery. However, when his photographs are compared closely, even a blind follower will admit that this star has gone plastic at some point in his life.