Ryan Gosling Nose Job Before and After Photos

ryan gosling nose job

Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery and New Look

Ryan Gosling is a male Canadian actor who has one of the best looks. His fabulous appearance has been the topic of discussion among may of his fans, especially the nose. The 32 year old actor must have considered a nose job because he originally had a wide and long nose which is lacking in all his images today.

ryan gosling nose job

Nose job

Ryan Gosling has made a significant change in his looks through rhinoplasty. This not only made him look more handsome but also youthful. He has a short and narrower nose, which is a perfect shape for his facial stature. It is then clear that a mere nose can have a positive impact on someone’s looks, making a person to appear more elegant if a plastic surgery was done with the professionalism that it deserves.

Before his nose job got rolling in society, he was claimed to have an aquiline nose tip and a wider nose bridge. As he became popular, people began noticing the slightest shortcomings on the appearance of this celebrity, which moved him into the theatre room. People then noted a change especially on his nose bridge, prompting the plastic surgery news.

However, Ryan Gosling does not seem bothered with the effects of ageing because his face and skin has no indication of facelift and Botox injections which most people use to enhance a youthful look. The actor himself has never commented on this matter, a reason why most people believe it is true.

To the few who dispute the possibility of his nose job, it is advisable to look at his latest and old pictures to see how the nose has been narrowed down and made shorter. There is an argument form a section of surgeons that it could be an effect of ageing. Of course the nasal bone is bound to grow and change as one ages but this does not account for the shortening of the nose and narrowing of the nasal bridge. There should be equality in the acting industry, which means that men should too be subjected to the same criticism that hits female celebrities.

Instead of coming to their defense, plastic surgeons should come out clear when men have sought plastic surgeries too.