Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery

Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery

Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

As it is a very well known fact that the biggest concern of about half of the population is looking good. They spend most part of their income on how to look good and attractive. And it is a normal human tendency to always remain concerned about their appearance. It is a good practice to always remain polished and attractive, but only to some extent. If it becomes obsession, it might compel a person to take several weird decisions like plastic surgeries. One such celebrity who has gone under the knife to look good is Scott Thorson.

Discussion on his surgery is spreading like wild fire and not surprisingly every celeb, media personality or Scott Thorson fans are keeping their eyes to grab all the exciting news about Scott Thorson plastic surgery. It is considered to be a weird one because he did this in order to look like younger version of his ex-lover Liberace. It’s insane… right? However, this is what made him popular or (might not be that popular)!

What is Plastic Surgery?

Before talking about Scott Thorson, it is a must to know fact …what plastic surgery actually is. Plastic Surgeries are basically the kind of surgeries where the forms of the features are reconstructed. Plastic surgeries are basically reconstruction plastic surgeries, where the damaged tissues are reformed. This may also include the aspects of cosmetic surgeries like improving the physical appearances. Basically this comes under the category of cosmetic surgery.

The tissues are reformed using the owner’s skin tissues or they are artificially made from silicon and various other products. Many celebrities in the desire of getting chiseled facial features or striking appearance go for plastic surgery. But, the situation becomes worse when the celebs in the lure of getting a unique look land up to some really pathetic disasters.

Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery

Scott Thorson, best known as the companion of Liberace, the entertainer is the latest gossip of the Tinsel Town due to his unusual plastic surgery. He has also written a book describing his relations with his lover Liberace. Even the bond was so strong that Scott Thorson underwent plastic surgery just to look like younger version of his lover. He disclosed that he was forced to adapt for plastic surgery by his lover whom he loved crazily and can go to any extreme limit… and shockingly he had under gone a nose job in assistance with other associated changes for a lifetime.

Scott Thorson Plastic surgery done in memory of his boyfriend is considered to be one of the weirdest surgeries of all time. And this has made him a target of the Paparazzi and all news and media channels.

Why Weird..?

Thanks to his plastic surgery and his relationship with Liberace, it somehow always kept him in news. It is said that he was forced by his lover Liberace to go under the knife, so that he may look like what Liberace used to look in his younger days. That is quite unacceptable fact, but unfortunately it is true.

He got his chin reformed, aiming to resemble young Liberace. He was even quoted saying that he felt great, because then he resembled his lover. The drugs that he used after the surgery as medical prescription made him drug addict. And this way this surgery turned out to be a disaster for him.

Obsession of Looking Young

The obsession of looking young can make a person do such things that might end up harming him. Instead live a healthy life style so as to, stay beautiful and young naturally. The only thing that can aid you in feeling young forever is the healthy regime that if followed can prove like a boon.

Many a time’s surgeries don’t turn out to be according to what one need. Scott Thomas plastic surgery has turned out to be the biggest example of how plastic surgery going wrong can be disastrous. It is lesson going for plastic surgery merely for any kind of weird obsession can be dangerous for any celeb. Hope… Scott Thomas can do something to regain a little of his look!