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Sean Patrick Flanery Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Sean Patrick Flanery is an American actress born in Lake Charles in Louisiana on the 11th of October 2009. The 49 year old has had a successful career life in Hollywood. He achieved his breakthrough in the acting career when he was featured in the motion picture Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Since then, he has played roles in a number of movies and his fame rose with each role he played. The plastic surgery microscope did not spare the handsome man. He was under the usual observation and as soon as he began showing changes to suggest that he was no longer a natural, speculations were published in all available medias. Celebrity plastic surgery speculations flow like wild fire and soon, his pictures were tabled for comparison. It is speculated that the transformations occurred somewhere in between 2008 and 2009. Between these years, pictures of the star show him with a face different from back in his early career days.

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What Happened to Sean Patrick’s Face? 

His face has transformed into something else. When transformations are discussed, it is natural to expect that the usual transformations that come with the aging process are the ones being talked about. However, this is not it with Flannery. His face looks swollen and wrinkle free. It is speculated that he had tried the anti aging surgical procedures and he may be using some still. He is thought to be like other celebrities who do not want to quit the industry simply because of old age. A facelift, cheek implants, Botox and eyelid surgery are the alleged Sean Patrick Flanery plastic surgery. The actor has come forward and denied these allegations on the claim that the changes on his face as a result of natural changes that come with growth plus other factors that are not plastic surgery related. He confessed that he has never dreamt of having any surgical procedures.

The Facials 

It is speculated that the lack of wrinkles on his face is as a result of a combination of both Botox and facelift procedures. These procedures are the number one Hollywood plastic surgeries loved by those seeking to reverse the aging process. There is no doubt that he looks younger than expected of someone at the age of forty none. He has somehow managed to fight old age. His eyes are also rid of eye bags and his eyelids appear lifted. Speculators argue that an eye lid lift is only possible through an eyelid surgery and so the star’s denials are treated as the usual response most celebrities give whenever allegations are leveled against them. Eyelid surgeries involve eliminating eye bags and opening up the eyes further through lifting of the top eyelid. When his previous pictures are compared with the recent ones, his eyes look a bit different but it cannot be proven that the difference is as a result of an eyelift procedure.

Surgery Results 

Sean Patrick Flanery plastic surgery speculations have earned him the wrong kind of fame. Most critics consider his face swollen and if you look at his after photos, you will be forced to agree that his face does appear swollen. This is thought to be as a result of one or all of the procedures gone wrong. It is thought that the surgeries were not carried out in moderation and the star might have hit the roof with the cheek implants. On the other hand, it s good to consider other possibilities too, plastic surgery is not the only force behind celebrity changes. It may be his age, lifestyle or eating habits that have transformed his face. When trying to determine the truth behind plastic surgery speculations, it helps to keep an open mind.