Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Procedures Before and After Photos

sela ward plastic surgery

Sela Ward Plastic Surgery and New Look

Sela Ward is famous for her role in the popular CSI New York series. Although this is her most outstanding role, she has had other notable works and is popular in the television scene. She is currently in her late fifties but still has looks that are admired even by people in their twenties. This begs the question how she has managed to keep looking youthful despite her advanced age. Well, we can report that she has definitely had some plastic surgery done. Using evidence drawn from her photos taken a few years back in comparison to now, there is no denying it.

sela ward plastic surgery


Unlike many Hollywood actresses who are always trying to deny having any work done on them, Sela has been quite vocal about her procedures. She has been quoted as saying she does not like wrinkles and takes precautions to keep them at bay. She believes if you have the money and can afford it, there is no reason not to use current technology to make you look and feel good.


This is the reason behind the actress toned face. She has chosen this because it is known to give good results while having very little risk. In addition, botox injections work immediately and since they are administered through a fine needle, there is no scarring. The best thing about the injections she has had done is that they are not prominent. These were only concentrated at the corners of her mouth and brow. The aim was removing the wrinkles only while maintaining her stunning beauty. This has made her one of the successful stories after getting cosmetic facial augmentation

Actual nip and tuck

Sela has said that she has not gone for any actual surgery yet and she only depends on injections to fix small areas. She says only her facial features have undergone any kind of work and all of these were minor procedures. Never the less, she is quick to rule out the possibility of getting the courage to have a facelift and other plastic surgery procedures in the future. We are waiting to see what she will get done if she does decide to go on the surgical table at last.