Sherri Shepherd Breast Reduction

Sherri Shepherd Breast Reduction

Sherri Shepherd Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures

She was born as Sherri Evonee Shepherd in Chicago Illinois. Her birthdate is not available but her birth year is thought to be either 1966 or 1967. She is an American businesswoman, television personality, author, comedian and actress. She is the host of Nick Mom Night Out aired on the Nickelodeon channel. She is the daughter to Lawrence and Laverne. Her father is a church deacon. She is the eldest child of the family.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Throughout her career, she has not been followed by any plastic surgery speculations. However, she hit the media after she lost a considerable amount of weight. Her story hit the airwaves after she reported to having lost 41 lbs without the aid of cosmetic surgery. She flaunts her new figure whenever she can. However, it is not only her new figure that the topic of discussion, she has brought about a controversial topic. Her boob size has decreased. This has been attested to the fact that she has undergone a breast reduction. Sherri has insinuated that she is anti-surgery, this makes it harder to ascertain the truth in the trending speculations. She has openly said that she loves her boobs and she is not planning on getting rid of them. Celebrities rarely talk about the procedures they have had and Sherri’s opinion does not matter much.

Breast Reduction

The actress is rumored to having undergone a breast reduction. If you compare her before and after pictures, you will notice that there is a huge difference in her cup size. There are many reasons why women would feel the need to undergo a breast reduction. Sherri is considered the best candidate for a reduction not only because she has lost a lot of weight but also for health reasons too. She has talked about her back issues: a common thing among women with huge boobs. However, she claims that this is still not reason enough for her to tamper with her boobs.

Some critics have connected her new boob size with her loss of weight. When some women gain weight, they also register an increase in their boob size. With this in mind, losing a few pounds will lead to a reduction in bob size. It cannot be ascertained that this is the case with Sherri. With celebrities, cosmetic surgery is usually a quick fix solution to such problems.

Surgery Results

With the many possible causes of the reduction in her boob size, there is too much controversy surrounding the celebrity that she has become the new hot topic in social media sites. Breast reduction or not, her choice to lose some weight was the best. She is more attractive with her medium sized body. The curvaceous celebrity has set a new standard for plus size women. If the breast reduction speculations are true, she is a product of good work. Her new cup size is perfect for her new body size. It is admirable that she has put a lot of effort to work on her body shape and luckily for her these efforts have paid well.