Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery

Shin Se kyung Plastic Surgery

Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 29th of July 1990. She is a South Korean actress whose acting breakthrough came in 2009. Before then, she made her acting debut when she was only eight years old when she was the album cover girl of Seo Taiji’s Album titled Take Five. Her role in High Kick through the Roof earned her critical acclaim. She played the role of a housemaid in the second season of the television series. This role made her more famous and took her career to a higher level. She earned roles in television commercials and several print advertisements.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

The pretty faced Korean actress is suspected to have gone under the knife for look enhancing procedures. It is speculated that she deliberately went for these procedures to improve her looks. At her young age, she has been accused going for surgeries too soon. She is a natural beauty who did not need these procedures to enhance her appearance. She has vehemently denied having had any cosmetic procedures until her representative confirmed one of the procedures not citing a medical reason. This is a common trend among celebrities who have undergone obvious procedures. Often described as narcissistic, celebrities rarely accept that they went for surgery to fix their flaws. The young actress is believed to have gone for a cheek implant, double eyelid surgery and chin surgery. These are procedures loved by typical Koreans since most of them have a round face and narrow eyes.

Double Eyelid Surgery, Chin Surgery and Cheek Implants

The sassy actress is rumored to having the size of her eyes widened through a double eyelid procedure. For young Shin, this was a purely look enhancing procedure since relatively wide and open eyes are sexy. Looking at her age, eye bags are not yet an issue so even if she is denying the rumors, one thing is definite, she wanted to enhance her natural appearance. `

When you look at her after face, you will also notice that her chin has assumed a V shape. Considering the fact that the actress is barely out of her formative years, such changes are expected since she is losing most of her baby fats. However, when you look at the rate at which this change occurred, a chin procedure is to of the list.

After month of denying the Cheek implant speculation leveled against her, her representative finally decided to bring the debate to an end. According to the representative, the actress had her cheeks filled to get rid of the scars she had on her cheeks.

Surgery Results

Young Shin transformations are among the widely talked about news in the social media. The young actress is much prettier with her enhanced facial features. Although she has been accused by some critics of having engaged in surgery too soon, this kind of criticism is easy to deal with than a botched job. It would be best if she stayed off any more surgeries since she does not need them.