Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery

stephanie pratt plastic surgery

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Journey Before and After Photos

At only twenty seven Stephanie Pratt has managed to become a popular television personality. This can be attributed to her great looks although these are not as natural as you may want to think. She has undergone a number of plastic surgery procedures to give her the gracious looks she is spotting nowadays.

The only reason most people do not know about it is because she had them done way back in her early twenties. This has made it hard to make comparisons since almost all the pictures available publicly were taken after her surgeries. However, after a deeper look into her past, the evidence is quite visible that she has got a few changes made.

stephanie pratt plastic surgery

Nose job

This is one of the clearest indications that “The Hills” star has been on a plastic surgeons table. A close look at her earlier photographs shows that she used to have visible nostrils from the front. This is because the tip pointed slightly upwards. Currently, her nostrils are well hidden and the tip of the nose is pointed naturally forward. It is said that she had the work done in two separate procedures. This change even though subtle is still quite visible although it is worth admitting that it has made her look better.

Filler injections

Over the years, Stephanie has had increasingly bigger lips. This is consistent with filler injections that increase the size of the lips. She might have thought these necessary because her original lips were thin. Conversely, her current lips look a bit too much and unnatural on her face. It is quite easy to tell that they are not real which makes her look plastic.

Chin plants

Rumors have also been floating around that she has chin implants. This is evident by the different shape that it is now as compared to earlier. Since she is still young, it is not easy to note the difference. In fact many think that even though plastic surgery is common in Hollywood, she didn’t have to start the journey so early. If she continues with the same trend in the coming years, she will look nothing like her true natural self.