Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery

Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery

Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Stephanie Lynn Nicks on the 26th of May 1948 in Phoenix Arizona. She earned the name “Stevie” when she was a child. She had difficulty pronouncing her first name and pronounce it as “tee-dee”. She is the daughter to Barbara and Jess Nicks. Her mother was a homemaker while her father was the former president of Armour- Dial. Due to the nature of her father’s job, her family lived in different towns. When she was aged four, her grandfather who was struggling with country music taught her how to sing. She is currently famous for her single hits and her work with Fleetwood Mac. Both of her works have been ranked among the top forty hits in 50hottest songs and have sold over one hundred and forty million albums. Rolling Stone named her as the Reigning queen of the rock and roll music genre.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

It is now obvious that most celebrities engage in cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks. Back in the days when Stevie was still a young woman, it was speculated that she had her cup size enhanced. This rumor trended as a mere speculation. In her later years, she has been followed by more rumors. It is claimed that she has engaged in Botox to keep herself from looking her real age. Dr. Antony Young, an accredited cosmetic surgeon confirmed the Botox rumors claiming that there was an obvious Botox look in the actresses face. After years of speculations, Stevie decided to bring the rumors to an end. She confirmed both the speculations and claimed that she is no longer on any procedure. She claimed that she had the breast implants removed and ended her use of Botox since she felt uncomfortable in it.

Botox and Breast Implants

As opposed as to what the world thinks, Stevie claimed that Botox is not as good as it seems even when used within the manufacturer’s instructions. The sassy singer and actress claims that aside from wiping off wrinkles from your face, it never leaves you looking your natural self. This is the reason why she ended her relationship with this noninvasive procedure. Most celebrities rarely talk about their personal experiences with cosmetic procedures and it is admirable that Stevie let the world know what it is like to use these procedures.

After confirming that she went for a boob job the actress also added that she had them removed. Boob jobs are loved by women since they boost self-confidence by making women more attractive. Although the procedure was painful, she claims that she is happier now that she is a natural beauty.

Surgery Results

Although the actress has decided to go natural, her surgeries did not go bad for her. She has her beauty enhanced and her career benefited the way it should. It is admirable that she has decided to age naturally. After all, it is her body and she needs to do what makes her feel comfortable.