Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Susan Lucci is an American actress. She has been in the industry for many years. Apart from acting, she is a television host, author and entrepreneur. She is best known for her great role in the soap, All my children. She is a skilled actor and she has acted in many more films. The TV guide has called her the daytime’s leading lady and she has been ranked as the highest paid actor in the daytime television. She has received many awards due to her great acting especially when she was younger than she is now. Recently, there has been gossips of the possibility that she has undergone a plastic surgery. This is due to the new look she is having. The matter became hotter in 2011. That was when major changes were noticed. She now looks younger than half her age.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

Has She Really Undergone the Plastic Surgery?

The matter has been confusing. Despite the great noticeable changes on her body look, Susan Lucci denied having a plastic surgery. She said that she appears younger due to the age-defying skin care products she has been using. However, even doctors have said that the highest possibilities are that she has undertaken the surgery. The surgery was a perfect one because the results are just perfect. She had an expensive one because she must have involved the best surgeons. Even if she has repeatedly denied the fact, it can be easily proven that she had a surgery. The Susan Lucci plastic surgery is evident by a simple comparison of her photos. In her 2011 photo, she is younger than in her 2005 photo. Her skin is well pulled with no wrinkles and it is spotless. Its color is just amazing. A person at her age would be having thousands of wrinkles and full of spots. That is another evidence that she had a plastic surgery.

Which Are The Possible Surgeries She Has Undergone?

Due to the amazing new look she has, it is evident that she has undergone different surgeries. The surgeries must have also been repeated for several times. She had a breast implant. The breast implant was clearly visible in her Daytime Emmys 2012 dress. The dress was not covering most of her breast parts. The implant was easily noted. The actress must have also undergone some facial surgeries. She must have undergone procedures like brow lift, face lift, cheek implants and a nose job. This is evident due to how she has been young-looking over the years. Her face is 30 years younger. she currently is more than 65 years old but her face appearance is the same or even better than on her early 30s. She has also had a chemical peel because her skin is lighter than earlier. Laser treatments have also conducted. She has had repeated surgeries as she is able to maintain her new look and has also been able to perfect the surgeries. If she really had the surgeries, they might affect her health later.

After All, which Is The Overall Opinion?

Susan Lucci must have undergone a perfect surgery. The surgery must have also taken a long time.It is possible that she has been undergoing the surgery for the last five years or more. The surgeries conducted must be more than the surgeries which people have been predicting. That is to make sure that the results are perfect. Even if the actress have denied having a plastic surgery, it is more than evident to prove that she has undergone several surgeries. However, Her health might be in danger because she might have undergone repeated surgeries. That is more than risking her health. The chemical peels might be affected by the products she is currently applying on her skin. She will also need more care and maintenance for her recent appearance.