Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

susan sarandon plastic surgery

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery and New Look

Susan Sarandon is yet another old Hollywood actress who confirms to you what you already know. There is absolutely no natural explanation behind looking young in your late sixties. At 66, she looks young and sassy. Kind enough not to let her fans speculate over her radiant look for too long, she openly came out with news of her surgery and hinted that she might consider undergoing more surgical procedures in the near future.

susan sarandon plastic surgery

Susan Sarandon’s Surgeries

Susan states that it is hard for a woman to survive and thrive in Hollywood without surgeries. She admits to having to turn to surgery to stay young. Breast implants, liposuction, Botox and dermal injections are among the surgeries she has gone through.

Unashamed of facing the surgeon’s knife, she admits to have had a breast implant. As a result of the breast implants, her body frame together with her feminine curve have been enhanced. Her full breasts have given her the self confidence she requires to thrive in Hollywood. The liposuction has also helped her enhance and maintain her feminine curves by sucking off unwanted fats in different parts of her body. Similarly, she has had liposuction in the area around her eye to get rid of eye bags as well as under her chin to eliminate the turkey neck.

The Botox and dermal injections have been carefully introduced to her body to help fight the signs of aging. Her face is covered in a sheet of smooth wrinkle free skin.

Surgery Results

Susan Sarandon plastic surgery is one of those surgery results that emphasis the essence of surgery. She has had a number of surgeries yet none of these surgeries have flopped. The outcome of each surgery is exceptional resulting in her dazzling looks. Contrary to women of her age who fall prey too many surgeries, Susan Sarandon’s case is a case of necessary surgery. It is common knowledge that her granny side could be in the open by now where it not for her surgeries.

Evidently, her surgical procedures were objective and necessary. She has managed to fight of traces of old age without looking too plastic. Dr. Michael Salzhauer attests to this fact.