Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery

Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery

Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

With a famous surname and even more famous relatives, the principal rumor lingering about Tamar Braxton life is extended speculations of plastic surgery. The one time Grammy-nominated singer has been repeatedly attacked by her dedicated fans and critics due to her apparent flawless look. Many are claiming that this crease free skin is a way too far from natural. Check out this page to know more about the rumors and speculations behind Tamar Braxton plastic surgeries.

A short Bio of Tamar

Tamar Braxton born as Tamar Estine Braxton, is the youngest member of the Braxton clan. She is a singer cum song writer and has hold in several musical genres like RnB, Soul and Pop. She is currently creating sensation for her latest reality TV series, Braxton Family Values. She is also a well known TV personality due to her presence as a co-presenter in “The Real”. Braxton is also the young sister of famous Toni Braxton. Toni is featured in several of Tamar’s R&B music scenes.

Tamar- before and after

Before and after pictures of Tamar state some stubble changes in her looks. One interesting photo, posted by Tamar herself in social media, throws light over the buzz of her blooming plastic surgeries. In that every photo, she looks nearly identical to her mid teens, the only difference is her hair color. This kind of fountain of youth may have been nourished by the plastics.

Suspected Plastic surgeries in Braxton’s life

In periodic interval, this singer cum song writer has been suspected of undergoing several plastic surgeries. Nose job was a part of a breathing correction procedure, according to Tamar. Both the sisters are suspected to gone under the knife for their nose. For Tamar, nose jobs are necessity in their family. There are various other surgery speculations blooming against the name of Tamar in the glamour town.

Other possible cosmetic surgeries

Apart from her nose, there are numerous buzzes regarding her other cosmetic treatments like facelifts, Botox and breast implants. However, she has consistently slammed the media speculations when asked about the validity of the rumors centering Tamar Braxton plastic surgery.

Tamar’s reactions to surgery

When enquired about her plastic implants, Tamar Braxton has categorically denied the same. However, in some magazines she has accepted the rumors regarding her Rhinoplasty, but that was for a medical complications (breathing issue). Skin lightening was strictly denied from her side. Moreover, increasing critical comments let her bogged down in tears, saying that she has some skin disorder (vitiligo) and takes help of skin treatments to combat the disease. She also hinted about some upcoming breast implants in her post pregnancy but all these are wild guesses and there are no full proof evidences.

Tamar and her plastic surgeries still fly in the zone of mystery. Whether the evidences are valid or baseless, Tamar is looking all young and glamorous giving many others a complex. The rumors and speculations of her surgeries are also keeping her up in news and media and are thus contributing to her popularity a lot!