Ted Danson Bald Implants

Ted Danson Bald Implants

Ted Danson Bald Implants – Before and After Pictures

Most people today or people at any time in history really, have been fascinated by youth. The adoration paid to youth as an illusion of immortality is awe-inspiring. Much more in today’s world youth is something that people don’t want to let go and hair is one of the robust signs of youth. Therefore, people whose receding hairline tells on their age, tend to put on toupees or have a hair surgery to sustain the illusion of youth. Leading this charge are celebrities like Ted Danson.

Ted Danson Bald Implants

Ted Danson?

So, who is this Ted Danson? Ted is an American actor most famed for his role as Sam Malone in the sitcom, Cheers. Though he is still a main stream actor much like his receding hairline, his fame has also taken a turn. Age has caught up with him and as expected he definitely had a bald spot somewhere. Emphasis is on ‘had’ because over time he has had hair implants to cover those bald spots.

What makes us think he had a hair implant?

For an old man, it is only natural that he would have a receding hairline and that his hair would thin out. For Ted however, this is not the case. On the contrary his hair seems thicker than it did 5 years ago! What kind of sorcery would this be? Obviously, there is no magic here except for hair implant surgery. Ted has denied this over time but all you have to do is look at his before and after pictures.

Hair implant/transplant surgery

Hair implant surgery is a type of surgery where a narrow strip of hair bearing scalp from the back of the head is removed and used to fill an area with thin or no hair. The procedure itself doesn’t take too long to complete when done by professionals.

So why would Ted Danson opt for the surgery? Much like any other celebrity, beauty is something that all of Hollywood is fascinated about. Looking good, looking young and vibrant is an image that most celebrities have to maintain and it comes at a price. Celebrities of older generations especially have to grapple with these issues.No one wants to look like a great grandma or great grandpa whose last tooth is about to drop. Consequently, some opt for Botox, others creams and facelifts to look young. For Ted Danson, it is his hair. He wants to keep that same illusion, youthfulness.

What about the toupee?

Some might argue that Ted should have gone for a toupee instead but really nowadays anybody can see the distinction of a hairline from a toupee from a mile away. Besides, Mr Danson has trademark grey hair and a toupee would not have subtly covered his bald spot.

It is therefore a big win for ted Danson, as he looks young and attractive meaning more TV time for him. Rumour is that this has played in part for his recent casting as DB Russell in CSI. There are thousands of other celebrities out there going out of their way to look young. You can only marvel.