The Fantastic Tale of the Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Story

katy perry plastic surgery

Katy Perry Plastic Surgery and New Look

Katy Perry is amongst those few stars who have managed to stay away from plastic surgery, even after reaching the peaks of success. Ohhh wait wait, let me rephrase that. Katy Perry is the latest addition to the long list of stars who have undergone the knife to enhance her you know what.

katy perry plastic surgery

Sometimes I personally feel that it is the way I look at celebrities which forces them to change their appearance completely or maybe it is just that celebrities take the disease of dissatisfaction way to literally for their own good. Just when I was thinking that, Finally there is someone who not only performs well, but is also proud the way she looks. Wham, I’m hit across my face with yet another plastic surgery story and this time it is the Katy Perry Plastic Surgery story which has managed to turn some heads.

First breaking onto the music scene in 2001 (yes she has around for that long), Katy looked like a simple stick figured country girl, who wouldn’t recognize style even if it punched her in the guts and said hi. But as the years began to roll by, she almost completely managed to change the way she looked. Maybe the hair color should be held responsible for soaking into her brains and causing a short circuit or maybe her record label needed to her have bigger breasts. No matter what the reason behind her makeover, the fact remains that it is quite evident that she took on the knife on a mano e mano challenge and came out victorious. Yes, you heard me right. Katy Perry came out victorious after facing the dreaded knife.

It doesn’t matter how much she denies having any plastic surgery whatsoever, the fact remains that looks like that doesn’t come in by themselves and if it does, then it means that she magically managed to mutate her genes in every way possible. Even though I personally hate stars going under the knife, it looks like the doctor who performed the surgery did an excellent job and he should be awarded this years Nobel Prize for creating such a beautiful creature.

From the looks of it, the list of Katy Perry Plastic Surgery includes :

– Lip Augmentation (Not Angelina Jolie Lips, but improve the shape of her lips)
– Cheek Correction (She fixed her cheeks to be fuller)
– Breast Augmentation
– Hair Coloring (Ok, that is not included in Plastic Surgery, but I’m on a roll here)

I am pretty sure that she has had these procedures, because I know my women and features like lips, breast and cheeks are permanent. They don’t change, evolve or simply get perkier because you are a celebrity and if her features got improved naturally, then I would really like to know her secret. Because I for one will surely end up making a small fortune and reach the celebrity status in my own rights, by selling the secrets to billions of women around the world, who are in desperate need of some help.