Uee Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

uee plastic surgery

Uee Plastic Surgery and New Look

It is not a common occurrence for Koreans to have surgical procedures performed on them. Plastic surgery is common among the American population but quite a new concept to the Koreans. However, this does not mean that Koreans do not know the value of plastic surgery. The news of Uee plastic surgery elicited the most unexpected reactions from her fans.

uee plastic surgery

Uee’s Eye Surgery

The extremely attractive member of the After School band was accused of having had an eye surgery. In the beginning, the young popster was reluctant to admit having had this surgery. However, her constant denial did not kill the speculations, seems like she had undermined the tenacity of celebrity gossip. The speculations trended on social media until the talented popster confirmed them.

Her photos clearly show the difference in her eyes. Before the surgery, her eyes were narrow, typical of most Koreans and Chinese. As they say, your eyes are the window to your soul, Uee wanted to give her fans a broader view of her soul. The results of her surgery was definitely amazing, her looks are much sexier with her relatively wide eyes. It is clear that, Uee knew just what she needed to make to enhance and complete her beauty.

After confirming her surgery allegations, she received tremendous emotionally support from her family and fans. Her sister further confirmed her surgery allegations and admitted to liking the results. Additionally, most of her fans were pleased with the changes Kim Yu Jin had made on her face. This was quite surprising considering the fact that most Koreans are not yet accustomed to plastic surgery.

Surgery Results

Uee has often been accused of being too fat. Some of her fans suggested that she should try liposuction to get rid of the excess fat. Uee is among the few celebrities who have been asked by their fans to have surgical procedures performed on them.

Uee plastic surgery was a success. It is no secret that looks matter a great deal in showbiz and the surgery enhanced her beauty. We hope that the young star will not get addicted to other forms of unnecessary surgery at her tender age.