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Vanessa Fertilo Plastic Surgery

Vanessa Fertilo Nose – Before and After Pictures

She is another pretty faced Hollywood star who has featured in a number of movies and series. Famous known after featuring in the Sopranos and in CSI: New York as a woman detective, Vanessa Fertilo’s beauty has been the subject of concern among her fans. Most Hollywood celebrities are gradually loosing eth natural in them prompting plastic surgery speculations for any pretty faced who shows up with sudden transformations. For Vanessa, it is speculated that she has had a total of two surgical procedures: a lip and nose job. Funny thing about Hollywood is that even the worst of plastic surgery can still get you famous. Of the two surgeries, Vanessa is incredibly famous for the one that went wrong. Vanessa Fertilo nose has been trending on the internet with critics questioning the botched nose job done on the star. According to them, the star was better off without the nose job.

Vanessa Fertilo Plastic Surgery

Vanessa Fertilo Nose

In Hollywood, many young women opt for a nose job whenever they want to attain the elegant look. As part of Hollywood beauty tradition, a slender narrow ridged nose is much more elegant than the opposite which is often fat and relatively wide ridged. Celebrities are so obsessed with perfection that they would gamble with their God given facial features. Plastic surgery is a gamble since there is no guarantee that the end result will be as desired by the celebrity. This is the case with Fertilo. In her quest for the perfect nose, she ended up receiving a nose worse than her previous “not so perfect” nose. Botched results like these ones make you question the objectivity of plastic surgery. Is it supposed to make you better or worse? on the other hand, her lip job went perfect , unlike most female celebrities who over inject filer sin their lips, she was injected with the right amount of fillers that resulted in sensuous looking lips proportional to the rest of her facial features. Were these two jobs done by the same surgeon? Then why the different results?

How bad is Vanessa Fertilo Nose?

When a surgery goes bad, the blame is either laid on the surgeon or on the patient’s overindulgence. However, it is not clear what went wrong with Vanessa nose job, all that is clear is that the job backfired and left the pretty faced actress with a nose upward pointing nose tip. To make matters worse, the nostrils have also been pulled up in the same manner making her nose look too unnatural for her face. Some people call it the Jackson nose. The main reason behind this nickname lies in the fact that the nose in itself is not too big a deal. There are people whose noses are naturally upturned in a symmetrical manner just like Vanessa’s after nose but still look good in them. Apparently, not Vanessa, her face does not agree with his type of nose, it makes her look weird and unnatural.

Final words

It is sad that Vanessa Fertilo, like other celebrities with botched jobs has gained fame for the wrong reasons. Fame is a good thing in Hollywood but it becomes dangerous when the focus is on a botched job. To her consolation, her lips were perfectly done. Maybe the actress should consider a corrective rhinoplatsy to help fix the botched nose job. She would definitely look good in a nose job well done. Speculated that the actress might have had a nose job to attain the Latina look which she is mostly depicted as despite her Italian origins, it seems like the actress might have to wait a while longer to attain this transformation.


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