Vera Farmiga Plastic Surgery

Vera Farmiga Plastic Surgery

Vera Farmiga Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pics

She was born on the 3rd of August in Clifton New Jersey. She is among Hollywood’s successful female celebrities who have embraced different roles in the entertainment industry. She is a famous actress, film producer and director. She has been featured in several television movies and series. Running Scared is one of the movies which brought her into the limelight. She has received several nominations including Screen Actors guild, Golden Globe, Academy Award and a BAFTA award for the best supporting actress role. She is the daughter to Michael and Luba Farmiga. Her father worked as a computer analyst while her mother was a school teacher. She is comes from a family of seven and is the second child and eldest daughter. Taissa Farmiga, her youngest sister is also an actress. Although she has managed to maintain a quiet career, lately, she has been followed by cosmetic surgery speculations.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

She is among the few public figures who have managed to keep the media and fans out of their private lives. She has not been associated with much of showbiz scandals. However, she finally managed to give the world something to talk about. It is speculated that she has gone under the knife to accentuate her looks and slow down the aging process. After she was spotted leaving the surgeon’s office with a visible bruise on her nose, she instantly became the topic of internet discussions. She has topped several debates with some of her fans being in disbelief that she finally succumbed to Hollywood’s norm. Although she has openly denied these allegations, a comparison of her before and after photos suggests a different story. It is also speculated that her wrinkle free face and full cheeks might not be natural after all. She has managed to defy old age but there and the possibility of using the usual non invasive procedures cannot be fully ignored.

Nose Job and Facials

In an effort to improve her appearance, it is believed that the actress went for the refined nose. A narrow nose with a slender ridge is the dream of many celebrities since this is considered the definition of elegance. Vera’s after nose is a bit jagged at the center, a change related to a nose procedure. The nose surgery speculations are further fuelled by the fact that she was spotted coming out of the plastic surgeon’s office with a bruised nose. Although she has constantly denied having consulted these procedures, very few believe her since the evidence offered seems overwhelming.

It is also suspected that she has gone for Botox and cheek filler injections in order to maintain her youthful looks. At the age of 42, she is still considered a hot face in the industry with smooth and radiant skin, full cheeks and a wrinkle free face. Many celebrities find it easy to hide their use of Botox and facial fillers since these procedures are quick and non invasive.

Surgery Results

Her surgeries haven’t elicited strong emotions from critics. This could be due to her ability to keep ff the media. She definitely looks different from her previous pictures and few have accused her of ruining her natural looks. However, she did not over do it. She looks younger than her age and most of her natural looks are still visible. As a celebrity who has kept a low radar throughout her career, these speculations haven’t affected her career much and her success rate keeps going higher. She is a beautiful woman and you can only hope that she doesn’t ruin this with too many cosmetic procedures.