Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery is a really risky affair. You might think that you are going to look better than you do currently only to end up with a rude surprise. Some of the world’s top celebrities have been victims of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. A good number of them need no introduction. In as much as the internet is teeming with articles on the worst celebrity plastic surgery news, there are some operations that are truly remarkable and can go completely unnoticed. These are the celebrities who clearly have a good eye for quality plastic surgeons. Money is never a problem for these people and looking good is not an option.

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Facelift drama

When the action of gravity starts showing on the skin of some individuals, they take refuge in the skills of a plastic surgeon. The rumor mills always have fodder to grind about the world’s most reputable icons undergoing some form of face lifting or another. There are however a few cases where a simple facelift has gone completely wrong. Perhaps the most dramatic facelift procedure in the world of celebrities is that Jocelyn Wildestein. She has reportedly spent a fortune on numerous procedures. Well, she does seem to be really happy and confident in her plastic surgeons- that is a place on her side.

Breast enhancements

If there is a plastic surgery procedure that has been misused it has to be breast augmentation. The best thing about this procedure is that it may not be as obvious as the facelifts and nose jobs. Unless someone is really looking to prove that you had a boob job or your go flaunting a set of new found boobs, it may go unnoticed. The best way to get people to notice enhancements in your boobs is either you get a very good surgeon to perform it or have the procedure done poorly and show your boobs off.

Such was the case with the queen of drama, Kelly Bensimon. The Real Housewives of New York City star came under the limelight some time in 2008 for showing off her boobs which the media described nastily as misshapen. There was a significant increase in the size and a marked difference in the look of her breasts.

Boob jobs gone totally wrong

Tara Reid, American Pie’s darling became the subject of discussion every time botched plastic surgery was the topic. She did have a good reason to have her uneven breast fixed. She claimed that she was a 34-B before she had her first surgery. Her skin was getting too saggy but then it seems her surgeon was totally the wrong one to seek help from. She has been quoted saying that she is also displeased by her surgeon who did not give her what she was looking for. She claims she wanted big size Bs but then she was given Cs that she did not want.

Bra size dramatic increase

While still in the business of bra sizes, there are celebrities whose bra sizes must have gone up significantly. Sarah Jessica Parker is one of these celebs. Her bra size has gone up by at least two cups. Janet Jackson is undoubtedly one of the most popular celebrities of the past decade because of her larger bust. Her breast size increased suddenly and her boobs got her a healthy dose of attention over the past several years. Her breast size increased to something in the neighborhood of a 36-C.

Denis Richard is another celebrity who has always been rumored for having received some serious enhancing on her breasts. She later admitted that the rumors were indeed true. Luckily for her she is one of those celebs who know how to select their surgeons well. Her boob job operation does not fall in the list of the worst celebrity plastic surgery. She looks more mature, she looks fabulous and her popularity has also increased dramatically with the increase in breast size. Denise’s current bra size is either a 34C or something therewith.