Yoona Plastic Surgery


Yoona Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Korea is never affiliated to any big history with regard to plastic surgery but in recent times, actors and actresses are finding it a craze. A closer look at Yoona’s face reveals a very subtle difference in appearance. Most people actually argue that the difference is natural and it comes with the process of growth and development.


Nose job

Rhinoplasty is not obvious from her appearance but experienced observers argue that there is a change in the shape of her nose, which cannot be attributed to any natural force. The tip of her nose now looks more pinched and a little different from what she had before. However, it makes it difficult for people to settle on plastic surgery as the probable procedure because she is too young and as a result, some changes could be taking place because of growth and development. Even so, the new look of her nose just befits her face and she looks perfect for her roles.

A number of people also think she could have aged to look something worse but actually her face has been looking great from the childhood days. This means she could even be better in adulthood but she opted to go under the knife before she could fully develop the adult face. The resulting baby appearance suits her perfectly.

Cheek implants 

A number of plastic surgeons have also attributed Yoon’s jaw line to plastic surgery. If you happen to have a glimpse at her jaw line, you will discover that it is a little smaller. She had a larger jaw area back then but now there is an attractive contour which shows that she might have done some job on her jaw line.

She must have done jaw reduction surgery because her chin too looks very different and greatly reduced. While it was wide and flattened before the cosmetic procedure, Yoona’s chin now looks smaller and a bit more pointed. This can be seen clearly from her images and the only logical explanation to such a transformation is plastic surgery.

Why the change?

It is almost a universal opinion that Yoona is young and attractive even without the plastic procedures. However, it is worth noting that she plays various roles in her capacity as an actress. There are times you will know her as a young rapper but you will also see her on TV programs as a presenter. Better still, Yoona is a promotional model, a dancer and a singer. All these tasks require something out of the ordinary.

The work she does is too overwhelming and unless she stands out from the rest, Yoona could be easily out shined from one of her roles. This somehow justifies the reasons as to why she could find comfort under the surgeon’s knife at such an early age.

The actress has never denied or admitted some of these claims. We expect Yoona to defend herself especially now that she has a long acting career to take care of. Surprisingly, she is quiet and seems satisfied with what she has earned out of plastic surgery.

Critiques are left asking what will become of her when she is threatened with aging signs such as wrinkles and lines on the skin. This is a question that only time will answer. However, it is a fact that celebrities seek multiple surgeries in order to safeguard their careers. If she happens to breastfeed or develop a sagging skin, therefore, there is a possibility that Yoona will also seek breast augmentation and Botox injections to enhance her looks and maintain a career that seems flourishing at the moment.