Zooey Deschanel Before and After Surgery Pictures

Zooey Deschanel Before and After Surgery Pictures

We are Just Speculating Here, Did Zooey Deschanel had  Plastic Surgery?

Zooey Deschanel Before and After Surgery Pictures

Actress Zooey Deschanel awaken many plastic surgeries rumors when she was spotted on the red carpet at the “Teen Choice Awards” last week sporting a slightly different face.

Because there are many opinions, soared various theories, such as that Zooey Deschanel had Botox (because of the bright appearance of your skin taut), rhinoplasty (because of her nose bridg looks thinner ) or collagen injections on the lips (as they are now a little larger).

Nose job

It takes a careful eye to notice the changes in size and shape of this celebrity’s nose because it is not that discernible. She had a huge nose and a big nose bridge but it now seems to complement her face. It was not the kind of a nose that needed the surgeon’s knife to look good but with money and fame, celebrities have opted to do whatever that they wish with their appearance just to look youthful for an extended period.


Lip injection

Her lip injection seems quite natural and fuller than before. There is evidence that she had a juvederm injection because some surgeons have confirmed this. Her lips are more accentuated and defined, which leaves her with a gross attractive appearance.


Botox Fillers

Zooey Deschanel’s smooth and shining face is probably a result of Botox fillers. Even though there are advanced make-up procedures, they cannot account for that youthful appearance after 33 years of breathing. There is some visible work on her cheeks, definitely a Botox filler.


Breast augumentation

He photographs can barely confirm this and neither has any surgeon arose with such a claim. However, there is news going round that the celebrity went for breast enlargement, though it did not work well for her. Her appearance in the public changed a bit too sudden, and some cosmetic experts can say that she went overboard with the plastic surgeries because they seem to many in one body.


They all seem to sing from the same page that plastic surgery is a public shame because none of these celebrities has ever admitted. Despite the fact that breast augumentation did not favor Zooey Deschanel, the other procedures worked for her and she will continue to breath confidently behind a plastic body without the fear of getting wrinkles or even a loose skin.