Kate Upton Measurements

Kate Upton Measurements

Kate Upton Measurements – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Katherine Upton on the 10th of June 1992 at St. Joseph Michigan in the United States. She is among the young blood of the Hollywood scene. She is an actress and a model with looks and a talent to match. She has always had a passion for modeling which she honed through enrolling in modeling management centers. Her first center was the Elite Model Management where she was signed in the very day she attended the casting call. Later she moved to New York City to look for greener pastures and this marked the beginning of her career. She signed up with IMG and has seen to the success of her career since then. She was the cover model of the Sports illustrated Swimsuit magazine for two consecutive years 2012 and 2013. The American model and actress has got speculators wondering whether or not her hot body is natural or plastic surgery endowed. Find here full story behind Kate Upton measurements.

Kate Upton Measurements

Kate Upton body measurements are 38-27- 36. The measurement is taken in order of breast size, waist size and hip size. Judging from the measurements, the actress has an almost hour glass shape, a thing most women would kill for. Her bra size is 34 D rated at almost DD. Clearly, she is a well endowed woman. Her body shape is described as voluptuous and her bra size does not come as a huge surprise. Pictures of the celebrity trending on the internet show her flaunting her assets clad in Bikinis. Her breasts can be seen as full, firm and dense volumes on her chest. You cannot miss her curvy body either. A beauty and body like hers is bound to raise speculations like the ones trending on the social media sites already. The main question being, Is Kate Upton measurement natural and real?

Breast Implants Or Good Genes?

Many people have questioned Kate Upton bra size and insinuated the possibility of plastic surgery. Many young girls are in love with breast surgery given that the right size of breast implants can transform the shape of the whole body. Kate is perfect for the camera and the possibility of having had her breasts filed to match her body size cannot be completely brushed aside. However, you cannot over look her age since it is an important factor in determining how real how boobs might be. At the age of 22, she is undergoing the usual growth hormone production and accumulation and the growth in her breast is not unexpected. Wearing the right size of bra is also a plus in ensuring the breasts remain firm and dense like Kate. Being a celebrity she is aware of all the right things to do in order to accentuate her sexy features.

Surgery Results

It cannot be confirmed that the Kate Upton has gone under the surgeon’s knife for the sexy pair of boobs. 34 D is not a strange occurrence for a woman as voluptuous as her. However, if there is any truth in the speculations, the actress hit the jack pot with her surgery. She has not only become famous for her sexy pair of assets but for her transformed body. Her body features are well augmented and her pronounced feminine curve is considered one of her greatest asset. In her twenties, she is at the peak of her beauty and it is a good thing that she has used this to develop her career. She has not responded to any of the allegations leveled against her but still most of her fans are of the idea that the pretty faced model is a natural beauty.