Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery

jessica biel plastic surgery

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jessica Biel is not only a great actress but also an exceptional singer. This 33 year old, multi – talented lady is popular for her role as Mary Camden in the family drama series ‘7th Heaven’. Many sources reveal that she has not confined her talent to singing and acting only. In her childhood she was also an active soccer player and also trained as a gymnast. She has a beautiful face with strong features which can captivate men. However, it seems that he has gone under knives to maintain her pretty looks.

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is taken by at least five out of six actresses in Hollywood. These nose surgeries have fifty-fifty chances of being a success. However, in the case of Jessica Biel, rhinoplasty was an immediate success. Dr. Anthony Youn has claimed given a speculation of performing the nose surgery on Jessica Biel with his statement, ”There is also a possibility that her nose has been slightly thinned.” Her bulbous and wide bridged nose was transformed into slimmer and well sculpted one. Her recent pictures reveal that the tip of her nose has been made thinner and the bridge, narrower. But Jessica strongly denies these rumors and admits that the plastic surgery stuff freaks her out.

Lip Injection

The significant changes in her Jessica’s lips indicaeted that she had taken lip injections of collagen or restylane to make her lips look voluptuous. It was evidently clear that she had taken greater amount of lip injections that it was necessary to get the ideal look. But however, her lips swelled up to a great extent and it looked highly unnatural. However, her lips are now back to their original shape and size. It is but evident from her case that lip injections can go all awry. If you are ever interested in getting a lip job done, think of using some natural remedies before going under the knives or using lip injections. There are plenty of make up techniques which can give your lips a slightly swollen and sexy appearance.

Second Nose Job

Many reports suggest that the actress might have done another nose job. However, the actress said ,”I am definitely fearful in a very vain manner about my body ageing. But I am really afraid of blades on my face. That freaks me out beyond belief. I would way rather have wrinkles than have any kind of slice up going on.” Well, this comment will definitely not stop naysayers from making their own speculations and judgement.


The before and after photographs of Jessica Biel reveal some striking differences in her appearance but nothing can be said with absolute certainty. There is no concrete evidence for suggesting that she has definitely undergone any plastic surgery. It may be a combination of make up and some face exercises which make her face features look different. It may also be a natural change of features which many people experience while growing up. Whatever the case may be, we can say that the difference in Jessica’s looks from her younger days to today is pretty remarkable. It was necessary for her to change her appearances to some extent in order to look more sexy , mature and confident on screen.