Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery

lindsay lohan plastic surgery

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

There are many instances of celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery procedures. Sometimes the procedures are a success, but the procedures can also go sideways, eventually ruining a person’s appearance instead of improving it.  Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan’s plastic surgery procedures have pretty much ruined her beautiful girl-next-door image. For most people, the question of why someone, who was initially beautiful and charming, would decide to undergo plastic surgery. Hollywood is a very strange place, a place where a person’s looks come first, often more significant than their talents or other qualities.

Little bit about Lindsay Lohan

For the few who don’t know her, she is a 27-year-old American actress, model, producer and recording artist born in N.Y.C. Her modeling career begun when she was just three years old. At eleven years of age, she was featured in a movie “The Parent Trap”. She also got roles in films like; “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday” which were her stepping stones to fame. After those movies, she had made a name for herself that was very prevalent in the media, mostly with the tabloids and paparazzi.

For a long time, Lindsay had a serious drug and alcohol addiction and eventually went to rehab. However, she failed to finish her rehab program and was even jailed. All those awful circumstances made her an even more popular topic for the media. Lindsay turned from being a beautiful and talented lady to a very problematic person; it became very hard to work with her. When the rumors about her plastic surgery blew over, paparazzi and tabloids had yet another reason to talk about her while taking pictures to prove their claims, but as expected, no one was surprised.

Lindsay Lohan before and after Breast Augmentation

Lindsay Lohan Before and After Surgery

Taking a close look at a photo of Lindsay Lohan before plastic surgery and compare it to one after, you’ll see the differences right away. The plastic surgery procedures she underwent made a huge difference in her appearance. She’s no longer the girl that most of us used to love. To date, I think it is right to assume that undergoing the plastic surgery procedure is just one more wrong move she’s made in her lifetime, a move that has been added to a long list of all the bad choices she had already made in the past.  This is a good example of why you should be careful with whom you surround yourself with

Lips and Breast Augmentation

The most visible changes are on her lips and breasts. Her plastic surgery took the natural and cute appearance of her lips to give them a fuller and more unreal appearance. Just one glance at her face and you’ll know that Lindsay’s fake lips are the outcome of her failed plastic surgery. The face-lift procedures changed her facial outlook entirely, mostly her cheeks. Lindsay’s breast are obviously bigger than before, all to improve her overall appeal (which was perfect by the way).


To be honest, Lindsay Lohan’s plastic surgery wasn’t a complete failure, but it wasn’t her desired success either. It’s obvious that she does not look like that cute and lovable girl anymore. Let’s just be real, she looks older than she actually is, but let’s also cut her some slack because she isn’t the only young and beautiful celebrity that has undergone plastic surgery.