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Is Kat Dennings Bra Size Really 38DD??

Kat Dennings has been one of those few celebrities who has managed to rule the hearts of millions, steadily for the past one n a half decades. But if you think that being one of the most consistent actresses in Hollywood today would keep her out of controversies, then be prepared to have your brain juices stirred up. Because despite avoiding any real controversies as a whole, Kat Dennings bra size has always been a subject for scrutiny for many experts. So finally getting sick of all the 38DD cup size controversies, we decided to take things into our own hands and reveal Kat Dennings bra size and if everyone’s good ol friend ‘Plastic Surgery’ had any role to play with it.

Kat Dennings Plastic Surgery – Boob Job

When Kat Dennings first broke onto the screen, playing a 13 year old girl in the hit series ‘Sex and The City’. It was certain from then that she was meant for greatness. But what added on to her success was the fact that she focused the better half of her career on important side roles, which breathed some much needed life in the project she was working with. This not only gave her a chance to cement her place with the masses, but more importantly it allowed us to have a glimpse of her during her formative stages.

Even though there have been quite a few stars who started out flat in the chest region and eventually worked their way through the cup sizes, Kat has always been someone who has been blessed with a perfect pair of ‘you know what’. Just by looking back upon her work over the years, you would clearly notice that even as a teenager, Kat’s breasts have always been a little big for her body. Which somewhat justifies her giant size rack, but 38DD? Are you seriously kidding yourself?

Kat Dennings Bra Size Speculation

As Kat broke into mainstream media with 2 Broke girls and started to become more of a household name, people started realizing her over sized honey’s. In a desperate attempt to find out Kat’s actual cup size, most people turned to their good old friend The Internet for answer. But unfortunately since Kat didn’t tell anyone her cup size personally, the results were all mixed up. Even though Kat’s cup size varied from 32DD to 40DD, the most common answer found was 38DD. Which led many to believe that Kat’s actual bra size was 38DD, but the numbers did not fit in with most women. As they are the real experts on bra size and according to them, the number was either an exaggerated version or Kat Dennings bra size was the result of a breast augmentation.

After performing a thorough investigation, both X Rated and by calculating the facts like shape, size, feel, look, symmetry etc. It was decided that Kat Dennings breasts were real and there are no signs of plastic surgery. When compared to breasts which had been enhanced by plastic surgery, Kat Dennings breasts looked and acted extremely normal. Which is almost impossible with even the best of surgeries, as augmented breasts show the slightest signs of surgery. true or not, our final conclusion is that Kat Dennings boobs are all natural.

Leaving plastic surgery out of the picture, all that remains it the 38DD cup size. Which looks a little too much for someone with a 5 foot 4 inch frame and a 36-27-35 statistics. This is the part where it gets extremely complicated, because most people would consider 36 in chest would result in cup sizes of the same number. But in reality, the stats for the chest is an overall figure and the cups are generally one or two sizes smaller as they fit and pull back the breasts individually. Which means that if a woman with a 36 inch bust line wore a 36 D size bra, then it would be the same as slipping on a T-Shirt and this leaves us with the only conclusion that Kat Dennings Real Bra Size is 34DD.

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