John Travolta Plastic Surgery

john travolta plastic surgery

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

John Travolta is a famous American singer, actor and dancer. He made his television debut with the series, ‘Welcome Back Kotter’. He is widely known for his performance in ‘Saturday Night Fever’, ‘Face Off’, ‘Swordfish’ , ‘Wild Hogs’, ‘Hairspray’, ‘Grease’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’. He had a blooming career and he portrayed the role of many handsome young men. He looked just fine until the pressure of limelight and the fear of ageing led him to cosmetic procedures. Even at the age of sixty one, he doesn’t look like a common sixties man. He looks younger. These days, plastic and cosmetic surgeries are not only opted by women, but also by many men. John’s before and after photos are a solid proof that he has gone under the knife to restore or maintain his good looks. He is one of those people, who allowed surgeons and beauticians to perform their magic on his skin as well as his hair.

Before and After Photos

Fifty is the age when different signs of ageing like sagging skin, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines appear. Considering his appearance and looks, it is very much possible to say that John Travolta has used botox injections or facelifts. It is but obvious that he has taken help of doctors for a younger appearance. His new look has however not been readily approved by the common public. People have created many tweets in this regard, most of which were negative.

Facelift and Botox Injections

His recent photos reveal that his skin is not as baggy as it should have been at this age. It looks tight and fresh. This might be the magic of facelift. He might have also used Botox on his forehead in order to make wrinkles disappear. Whatever the case may be, his skin looks highly unnatural. It seems he has over done the facelift or overused the Botox injections. He has not yet confirmed anything in this regard. There are possibilities that the news of facelift and use of botox is a pure rumor.

Hair Implant

At the Oscars of the year 2014, his figure was faultless as he was having a head full of hair. This again created rumors of hair transplant or some sort of plastic surgery. In actuality, he was wearing some kind of head piece which was very much relevant on his sides of head. The head piece which he wore evidently comprised of clear plastic material whose hair strands had an attachment to his skin.


After examining different close ups of John, it was undeniable that he was wearing hair system (like wig, hairpiece toupee etc.) to hide some of his balding areas. It was just unfortunate that his hair system was easily noticed with the help of high zoom cameras. The hair system which John has used comprises fine mesh to which hair are put meticulously, a single strand at a time. Several number of times, John has been spotted using such a mesh on different occasions. The over use of cosmetic procedures has shown that his graceful ageing turned in to a chaotic mess.