Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery

Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery

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Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Robin McGraw is a renowned American celebrity who has played numerous roles both on an off screen.  She is an actress, speaker, and author. Featured on the “Bold and the Beautiful” among other television programs, her fame rose with that of her husband, the extremely famous host of the television talk show, Doctor Phil. There is no doubt that as one of America’s bestselling authors, she is a constant focus of celebrity gossip, rumor and speculation..

It is postulated that Robin looks too good for her age. Born in the fifties, she is expected to have begun showing the usual signs of succumbing to old age. A look at her photos reveal otherwise, the sassy Robin looks nearly half her real age. This fact has fueled plastic surgery allegations including Botox injections, nose job, lip implants, cheek implants and a boob job. These surgeries are those associated with easing and erasing the tell-tale signs of aging.

1Robin McGraw Facelift, Botox or What?

It is speculated that the lack of wrinkles on the actress’ face is a result of the use of Botox. A comparison of her before and after photos also reveal a difference in the shape of her nose.  In her after photos, her nose looks narrow ridged with a pointed tip. The elegant kind sought after by Hollywood actresses. Further, it is also speculated that her perfect sensuous lips that blend so well with the rest of her facial features is as a result of a well executed lip job. Cheek implants are also believed to be the result of her well-formed facial shape, uncharacteristic of women her age who are expected to develop sagging cheeks. Finally, her boobs are also not thought to be natural, she is thought to have had them augmented, perhaps lifted?.

2Plastic Surgery or Just Good Genes?

Robin McGraw plastic surgery claims are a hard nut to crack. It is often difficult to prove these speculations without strong evidence including a picture of the celebrity with bandages or a direct confirmation. According to McGraw’s statements on these speculations, she claims good genes, proper living and eating habits together with a regular workout schedule. She denies claims and attests her youthful looks to the use of a hydrating cream on her hands, other natural wrinkle and sagging cheek removers, various physical activities & frequent Pilates lessons. This looks like a combination of proper living habits but critics claim that she looks too good for these simple procedures. It is speculated that something more sophisticated is behind her youthful looks. When it comes to celebrity plastic surgery, speculations go on even after the celebrity openly denies them provided he or she looks too good or the change aesthetically is just too noticeable.  For Robin McGraw, the jury is still out in our point of view..

3Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Results

Robin McGraw plastic surgery speculations remain speculations since she has openly denied them. However, this does stop her fans from judging the results of her surgery. Lucky for her, if there is some truth in these speculations, she must have had great surgeons. This, coupled with the fact that her choice of surgery was to enhance what was already there makes Robin look ageless. She managed to get rid of all the aging signs while still maintaining the natural beauty unique to her. The bestselling author of “What Has Age Got To Do With It” is definitely aligning her looks with the title of her book. Her enhanced feminine curves are speculated to be a result of a boob job and have been a hot topic in celebrity gossip columns. Some celebrities are victims of speculations while others are not. The truth behind Robin McGraw plastic surgery allegations are reduced to a matter of opinion since she openly denies these claims and no objective proof has come forward..

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