Plastic Surgery Disasters


Plastic Surgery Disasters – Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery is a relief for most celebrity who are extremely y conscious of their looks. However, some of these celebrities have suffered a great deal from the other side of plastic surgery. Some people call it a double ended sword that cuts both ways. The truth in this nickname can be seen in some of the plastic surgery disaster trending on the internet today. Bad news travel fast, and disaster jobs have the same speed in traveling. Celebrities with such jobs get media coverage like they have never gotten before. From this moment on, they lose all their fame and success to the disaster jobs since no one is ever willing to go back and talk about these things. When a celebrity suffers from a plastic surgery disaster they are barely recognizable. They look worse than they originally were. Most of the times, their original features are distorted this in turn interferes with the general appearance of the rest of the features.

Celebrities with Plastic Surgery Disasters 

There are a number of celebrities who have suffered from plastic surgery disasters. All it takes for a surgery to turn for the worst is a job gone bad. With the facial surgeries, one bad job can transform the whole face to something unrecognizable. Bruna Felisber underwent a rhinoplasty procedure in the hope of getting a long elegant nose. Little did the celebrity know that this was the beginning of her misfortune and the end of her beauty. The disastrous job did not only affect the appearance of her nose but her face in general. All her beauty seemed to have disappeared in a spur of a moment to be replaced with one of the most terrible looks ever. Johanna Tukiainen suffered a similar fate; she is one of the worst cases of plastic surgery in the industry. Most of these celebrities have little hope for ever getting successful corrective procedures since the damages are sometimes irreversible.

Do You Blame The Surgeons? 

Doctor patient confidentiality prevents speculators from determining who the entire blame should fall on. Is it the surgeon who lacked experience or was the patient over ambitious? Sometimes a job may be pulled out properly but it may not suit the particular patient in terms of size and proportion to the rest of the body features. However, it has been note that over indulgence also leads plastic surgery disasters. Consider a celebrity who has ten procedures in one day on the same face. Surely, the face is bound to suffer pain from too much pulling and stretching and a disaster is bound to occur. Funny that these celebrities never consider the possibility of things going wrong even when their choices have clearly hit over the roof.

Effects of Plastic Surgery Disasters 

A plastic surgery disaster does not only take away physical beauty, it also takes away self esteem and career success. Celebrities are known to have a heightened sense of self consciousness. They worry about their image and this is what drives them to plastic surgery in the first place. A disaster has an overwhelming effect on a celebrity’s reputation. Celebrities are hard to understand, you will expect that they will learn from what happened to their colleagues and use these procedures in moderation or better still keep off surgeries but this is never the case. The number of celebrities going under the knife is increasing and so is the number of celebrities with botched jobs. Sometimes even the too little rule of plastic surgery is not enough insurance against terrible results, even the best of surgeon’s can go wrong sometimes. The surest way of avoiding plastic surgery disasters is not indulge in plastic surgery.