Rene Russo Plastic Surgery

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Rene Russo is what you can call a timeless beauty. At the age of 60, she looks like she is twenty years younger. She entered into the world of show biz at a tender age and by the age and her looks have earned her the right place in both the modeling and acting world. In 1972, her modeling career was brought to the limelight when she started modeling for the Ford Modeling Agency. Later in 1986 after her acting career was established, she made her first acting debut in 1986, in the movie Sable. Her fame has grown with both her career and beauty. Her beauty has often been compared to the characteristic of wine since the celebrity seems to be getting better with age. However, as a Hollywood celebrity, the possibility of a plastic surgery cannot be completely ruled out. She is speculated to have benefited from several anti aging procedures.

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery or Good Genes? 

A comparison of the celebrity’s before and after tells it all. The celebrity looks younger and fresher even in the photos taken of her in her old age. This has been attested to plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not the only method of defying old age but when this happens all of a sudden as it is the case with Rene Russo, the transformation is not deemed natural. It is no surprise that most celebrities look younger than their age. Most of these celebrities practice proper skin care tips from their youths and this helps defy the aging process later in life. However this is not enough to explain the sassy model and actress is as good as new

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery

What Are Rene Russo  Surgeries? 

Cheek, chin and lip implants together with Botox procedures are the speculated of Rene Russo plastic surgery. The cheek implant procedure was done to camouflage the effect of old age. The chin implants reconstructed the shape of her face and gave the star a long and narrow chin to be proud of. As a woman ages, it is natural that her cheeks among other of her facial features will sag. Cheek implants add body around the cheek area to prevent sagging. The young and fresh Rene is also thought to have benefited from lip fillers. In her after photos, her lips are full and sensuous and it is thought that she was injected with juverderm and restylene fillers. Botox injection, loved by celebrities for its non invasive nature is the last of her speculated surgeries. Her face is smooth and free of wrinkles thanks to Botox. Despite all these surgeries, she looks natural but young. Such results are suggestive that she used all the procedures in moderation especially Botox which has a damaging effect when over used.

What Does She Have To Say? 

She is among the few celebrities who have openly admitted to having has works done on them. She has confirmed the allegations leveled against her. However, she is not all about plastic surgery, she stresses on the importance of exercise in reversing the aging process. Aside from the Botox and Laser treatments, the celebrity religiously follows her 20 minute per day exercise routine. According to her, the exercise helps her maintain an even skin tone. With her profile, there is no doubt that she needs to look her best always. Luckily for her, all her surgeries bore the desired results. Her original beauty has been accentuated without interfering with her natural appearance. Her procedures were worth the time and money spent since she has enjoyed a great popularity from them. When a celebrity’s career benefits from the results of a surgical procedure, the surgery is considered a great success.