Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

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In every roaming rumor there is some truth. So it is not surprising that rumors, about a possible plastic surgery, have spread all over due to the recent facial changed exhibited by Jennifer Westfeldt. The main subject in the gossip is the random and sudden changes in her cheeks. Some even say she looks like a doll, while others see her as a Botox girlfriend to Jon Hamm. What was initially a natural face and natural smile has been transformed to fake and unnatural looks. She must have used fillers on her cheeks to get shinier and fuller looks, at least according to a comparison of her pictures before and after.

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

Although Jennifer herself has not admitted that she had plastic surgery, of course no one else would, the change in her face might be the reason some people are claiming she is related to chipmunks. Her cheeks have gained an extra pink color, other than being shiny and full. Moreover some surgeons have explained that she has undergone a facelift, Botox injection, cheek fillers and voice correction surgery. This might be the reason she is trying to speak like Monroe.

Jennifer Westfeldt is well over forty years old now, but her beauty remains outstanding. At 40 any woman should have wrinkles and loose skin, which are remarkably absent on Jennifer. While her sympathizers may claim it is due to good diet, there are plenty other 40+ year old women on good diet with wrinkles on their faces! Unless the celebrity confirms if she had cosmetic surgery, used a knife or needles, the speculation will remain in people’s minds that she used some fillers and Botox injections.

Obviously, celebrities understand that their fans adore them so much. This may be the reason why they want to maintain their amazing looks for a long time so that their fans can keep on admiring them. On the other hand, a slight change in the face or shape of a celebrity will be easily noticed by majority of their fans. Regardless of if Jennifer had a surgery or not, she remains a successful actress and has achieved many goals I her personal life!