Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The Vanna White Plastic Surgery Story

The wheels of age has seem to have stopped completely for a few of our beloved celebrity friends and Vanna White is the best said example. Rising to superstar status in the 1980’s, Vanna White was perhaps one of the most noted faces on television, but it was with her re-appearance in 2006 that raised quite a few eyebrows. Now in her fifties, Vanna look like she has found the fountain of youth to fighting off the effects of aging. But with quite some speculation and uncertain rumors which has always managed to rear its head from one place or another, we have finally decided to put an end to all the controversies at hand.


The Examination
The main reason many people have always believed that this former cheerleader has gone through the plastic tunnel is because, unlike other women her age she does not have any signs of aging. Even though few skeptics might add that it is due to her intense workout regime and diet, we are not falling for this story. To get a better understanding the first thing we need to do is take a closer look at her face. See, ugly wrinkle patterns on her face or neck. It is absolutely impossible not to have sagging wrinkles on your face, I mean when I was born, my mom would get wrinkles by just looking at me and Vanna has these god awful left behind creases, which you only get after a good round of Botox. Another thing to look upon is her eyes, I mean do you know anyone who is above fifty and has such perfect eyes? It really does make room for some suspicion.

It is absolutely clear that Vanna White has undergone the knife for a few times, or it will be impossible to hold on to her near perfect looks. But being the smart woman that she is or her doctor is in this case, she has managed to avoid those areas which show the most signs of plastic surgery. Mainly her nose. It is due to her plastic procedure that many celebrities are undergoing the Vanna White plastic surgery regime to get some smart plastic surgery done, without being caught.