Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Catherine Zeta Jones is a drop-dead gorgeous super-hot actress. She is best known for her award winning roles in phenomenal movies such as Entrapment, Chicago, and Mask of Zorro. On 25th September this year, the stunning actress will turn forty-five years old. Surprisingly, age has not dented the dazzling beauty of the Welsh actress. She looks as fabulous as she looked twenty years ago. However, Hollywood beauty does not lie in the eyes of the beholder; it lies in the eyes of celebrity watchers. Celebrity watchers believe that she owes her youthful looks to the surgeon’s knife.


Reasons for Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery

When you join the Hollywood A-list; image becomes everything. You have to look better than the best; otherwise you will fall from grace to grass and be banished into oblivion. Catherine-Zeta Jones has spent most of her life in the limelight. There is overwhelming pressure for her to do everything possible to maintain her looks. Besides which, her husband, Michael Douglas has also undergone plastic surgery. There were rumors that they had separated, but all indications are that they are back together. Her decision to go under the knife is justifiable as in our superficial world; the expectation is that the wife has to look more glamorous than the husband.

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Procedures

Catherine Zeta Jones has vehemently denied plastic surgery rumors. Sadly, the harder a celebrity denies plastic surgery rumors; the more believable they become. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The rumor mill has it that the Welsh actress has had several plastic surgery procedures including but not limited to breast augmentation, nose job, Botox injections, and a face lift.

Catherine Zeta Jones Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures among female celebrities. In a male-gaze centered world, boobs are the most visible and intriguing parts of female anatomy. The actress used to have small and loose breasts. Her before and after pictures clearly show that her breasts are bigger and firmer. Apostolos Gaitanis, a plastic surgeon based in London, has given the professional view that only breast augmentation can cause the drastic changes in the size and firmness of Catherine’s boobs. The surgeon she visited did an excellent job as she still looks incredibly amazing.

Catherine Zeta Jones Facelift

At the age of forty plus, Catherine Zeta Jones’ face should be having some stress lines and her forehead should be displaying some frown lines. On the contrary, the skin on her face is tight, smooth, and shiny. Her face has an ever-lasting youthful and cheerful appearance. There is no single trace of blemish, sagging skin, or wrinkles. In her before and after pictures, she looks more youthful than she looked in her twenties. It is speculated that the reason her face looks so youthful and elegant is because she has had a facelift.

Catherine Zeta Jones Botox Injections

A facelift goes hand in hand with Botox injections. It is rumored that Catherine Zeta Jones relies on Botox injections to keep her face wrinkle-free. Botox chemicals are injected under the skin to enhance firmness.

Catherine Zeta Jones Nose Job

There are visible differences in her nose in her before and after pictures. Her nose used to be broad and bland, but it now looks narrower and sharper. Her bridge appears to be more refined while the size of her nostrils has decreased significantly. It is suspected that the main reason that Catherine Zeta Jones had a nose job was to ensure that her nose integrated with the rest of her youthful face. Her older nose would have seemed awkward on her wrinkle-free face.

Catherine Zeta Jones has been complemented by both fans and haters for having undergone one of the most successful plastic surgery procedures. There is no hint of artificiality on her appearance. If it were not for the before and after pictures; most people would think that her head-turning looks are natural. Cosmetic surgery has given her a ticket to eternal youthfulness.