Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery

kyle richards plastic surgery

Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Kyle Richards, mom of four beautiful girls and now in her mid 40s shows her deepest acknowledgment towards Botox. According to the recent reports, the Brunette TV star has an eternal love for injectable serums, but is also a voice for “less is more.”  We will dig into it here to give you a clear picture of it all.

Early life and journey towards media spotlight

Kyle Richards is a well-known personality from the famous reality show “The Real Housewives of Bravery Hills”. This show with all its controversy is still running strong for 7 consecutive seasons. Apart from being a naughty housewife on Bravo, she is also aunt to Paris Hilton. Her mother died at a very young age and so she loves to celebrate each of her birthdays full of poise and grandeur.

Plastics and Kyle

After persistent speculations and whispers, American reality television star Kyle Richards furnished her opinion regarding her own plastic surgery. Apart from her nose job, which she publicly admitted, you can spot many other significant facial corrections.  Which do you see? We will explore more perhaps even armpit surgery.

Attractive Eyebrows

In her early teen years, you can at once spot her bushy and crowded eye brows. Even a bird could successfully build a nest inside of it. But now when you look at Richards, her brows are picture perfect. Now only a thin thread of her past can be seen as her eyebrows show much grace, there must have been something done to make it look that perfect. Though amazing, she has not reportedly admitted it to the media yet.

Other hint of surgeries

According to the dedicated reports of the paparazzis, Kyle has not opted for any other further plastic treatment after a major liposuction in 2011 but there is evidences of periodical Botox nourishments. Her flawless youthful skin acts as a standalone example. In fact the brunette TV star is a huge fan of the injectable procedures.

Kyle’s opinion

‘After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, the love handles wouldn’t go away, ‘The surgery made me feel better!’ According to Kyle, the nose job session was a kind of self motivated, feel good therapy which relieved her self conscious state of mind. She also shows humility to her fine lines and wrinkles, because they helped her in the ageing process but at the same time she does not like to age at all. Thus truly some self contradictory comments and yes it is Kyle, the contradiction herself.

To sum it up, we will quote Kyle Richards herself, ‘I don’t want to be the only living human being walking around town without it!’. So, as long as your skin and body is responding positively to your plastic surgery, botox etc…, you can definitely fool nature’s stubborn ageing process or at least stave off the inevitable.