Donald Trump Plastic Surgery Update


Last Modified on:  May 25, 2017 @ 8:08 pm

Donald Trump Plastic Surgery

Donald Trump, known formidably as the The Donald, has been an American business icon for over 30 years.  His rise to fame has been on the fast track in part, due to his public success of the American dream, and in part, due to the never-ending publicity surrounding him and his constant sources of controversy.  Obviously, his escapades and his personal life became increasingly investigated and scrutinized as he officially entered the race for President of the United States.  Among Donald Trump’s latest news is continued speculation over his plastic surgery transformation.

Before and After Pictures Donald Trump Plastic Surgery

For a man whose life has been on public display, there is a plethora of pictures of Donald Trump on the internet.  Before and After pictures have emerged from every corner as gossip columns and news anchors alike speculate on the possible plastic surgery procedures he has received.  Botox, hair transplant, neck lift, and eyebrow lift are all rumored treatments he underwent.  Of all these, nothing joins our nation together better than the comedic roasting of Donald Trump’s hair.  “The Donald” has stuck by his words that he penned in his 2004 book, Trump:  How to Get Rich:

“My hair is 100 percent mine.  No animals have been harmed in the creation of my hairstyle.” 

The new Mr. President has yet to voice those same words about additional plastic surgery he may or may not have undergone.


Donald Trump Clings to the Last Yellow Strands of His Youth

While the verdict is out on the confirmed hair transplant procedure, there are multiple theories that could explain the insanely unattractive yet defining hairstyle that Donald Trump is famous for.  The first is that President Trump had a seriously botched procedure. In the 1993 scandal laden book, Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, the Donald allegedly confronted Ivana Trump, over a botched scalp flap surgery by the plastic surgeon she had recommended. Trump allegedly screamed at her, before pulling out fistfuls of her hair. 

“Your fucking doctor has ruined me!”

Other reasons for Donald Trump’s odd comb over include normal thinning and an obsession with his youth.  While the strange full hairline is not suspect of typical male pattern baldness, his overall locks are extremely thin and wispy.  This is a condition more common in women, as the thickness of their hair often decreases with age.  Most men with this situation keep their hair cut short to reduce the look of trying to hold on to their hair glory days, while Trump has chosen to attract attention by keeping it long and waif-like and coloring it a gilded yellow.  The last, and possible only conclusion is that every morning President Trump’s magic mirror tragically lies to him.