Margot Robbie Boob Job

Margot Robbie Boob Job

Margot Robbie Boob Job Before and After Pictures

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress who started her career with independent Australian movies. She is known for her role in ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street’, ‘About time’, ‘World War 2’ and ‘Focus’. Her upcoming movies ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ are much awaited. She has also done many television shows. At a tender age of 25, she has already made a great impact on the American as well as Australian television and film industry. She is regarded as one of the most beautiful actress in the Hollywood. She stole away a lot of attention with her amazing body. Her nude scenes with Leonardo Di Caprio in The Wolf of the Wall Street garnered a lot of attention. But this beautiful lady became a tabloid fodder when it was rumored that she underwent breast surgery. There are also speculations that Margot had rhinoplasty done. She is also said to have used Botox injections at such a young age in order to have a youthful and radiant skin.

Breast Implant

Earlier, Margot’s breasts were not as toned as they are now. However, in her recent photos, we can see that her breasts look more rotund, well toned and well defined. When we compare her before and after photos, the change is obvious to the naked eye. Hence, we can speculate that actress went under the knife in order to have a greater appeal. These days, breast surgeries are very common. People throughout the world are experimenting with breast implant in order to have bigger and sexier breasts which eventually increases one’s confidence. In case of Margot, it seems that the breast implant has done its magic and given her a boost of confidence and self esteem. Having well shaped breasts is of utmost importance for the ladies as it enhances their elegance and feminity.

People’s Reaction

It is very much possible that she had breast implant done. People gave a mixed reaction to these rumors. Some were glad and commented that the change absolutely suits her whereas some were skeptic. Margot Robbie has never disclosed anything regarding this connection. She has never given any comments regarding her plastic surgery to the media. We can understand her silence as Hollywood is an extremely competitive industry. If any actor gets involved in too many plastic surgery rumors, directors are hesitant to offer him/her good roles.

Other Surgeries

On comparing photos taken prior 2010 and her photos of 2015, we can also notice a subtle change in her nose. Earlier her nose was flat and bulbous. However, her nose seems to be more pointed and thin in her recent photos. There are hence many speculations of Margot undergoing rhinoplasty in order to enhance her appearance. We can also notice a subtle change in her lips. There are possibilities that she has used filler injections to get more prominent and plump lips.


These are simply speculations and we cannot say anything concretely yet. She has still not accepted or denied scaling up her glam with facial and body improvements. She has however accepted that she follows a vigorous beauty regime including expensive facials in order to keep her skin blemish free and radiant. She is also a lover of cardio and does intense work outs to keep her body in good shape. The work of actors always calls for charm, elegance and beauty in order to look young. There is no harm in undergoing plastic surgeries for it.