Kirsten Dunst Teeth

kirsten dunst teeth

Kirsten Dunst Teeth Before and After Photos

Kirsten Dunst is an American singer, actress and model. The Spiderman Series actress made her Hollywood debut with ‘Oedipus Wrecks’ and gained widespread recognition as Claudia, the vampire, in ‘Interview With the Vampire’. She has also appeared in other famous movies like ‘Little Woman’, ‘Jumanji’, ‘Wag the Dog’, ‘Small Soldiers’, ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’, ‘The Virgin Suicides’, ‘Bring It On’ etc. She has over forty super-hit films and television series to her credit. She not only has a perfect face but also a figure to die for. Her beautiful blue eyes and her long eyelashes, always coated with mascara, increase the appeal of her perfectly sculpted face. The first thing which we generally notice about her is her breathtaking smile. We are well aware of the famous cliché “Women look more pretty when they smile.” But Kirsten’s smile is a treat for our eyes. It is like Manna dropped from heaven and we cannot keep our eyes away from her face. But the gorgeous actress came under the limelight for undergoing smile makeover.

Kirsten Dunst Before and After

Earlier, Kirsten had crooked teeth. But her smile was regarded as sexy and sophisticated. She was outspoken about how she liked the crookedness of her teeth. But reports and her recent photos suggest that she got bored of this crookedness and thus underwent cosmetic dentistry to get straighter teeth. This gave her an overall smile makeover.

Interview with Kirsten Dunst

Dentist Lauren Rifkin explained that Dunst might have decided to get her teeth straightened as overlapping teeth would have caused her problems. It was mainly because of her crooked teeth that some shadows were cast under certain lighting conditions, making some of her sparkling white teeth look darker than the rest of them.

Dunst’s Cosmetic Dentistry Results

Many a times, Kirsten was called ‘snaggletooth’ by the media. She was relentlessly criticized for her crooked teeth. In her interviews, she always maintained that she would never undergo any sort of cosmetic dentistry. Despite her claims, she finally decided to get her smile fixed in the year 2008. Earlier, she had extremely sharp upper canines. From her earlier photos, we can also conclude that her teeth were slightly yellow in color. However, after cosmetic dentistry, we can see that her sharp upper canines are gone and in their place, she has more even and flat canines. Her teeth are now perfectly aligned, giving her a beautiful and stunning smile. It is also believed that the actress got her teeth whitened. She has kept the changes minimal and maintained the original shape of her teeth. She now has a ‘perfect Hollywood smile’.


The actress might have denied fixing her teeth earlier. But Hollywood is a cruel place with narrow beauty standards. Hence, we can say that getting her teeth fixed was the best decision Kirsten could have taken. Before the change, her smile was gorgeous. But post the dentistry procedure, we can say that she has finally got an unbeatable, sparkling, gorgeous and swoon-inducing smile which is envied by many actresses. Despite losing her signature crooked-teeth, Kirsten still has the most radiant smile in entire Hollywood industry.