Celebrities with Good Plastic Surgery

Celebrities with Good Plastic Surgery

A Look at Some of the Best Plastic Surgeries in Hollywood

More than any other type of person, no type of individuals are perpetually driven to be attractive more than celebrities. What this means is that a key percentage of these celebrities head in the direction of plastic surgery. Perfection is only a matter of taste but there always seems to be an image that we all consider perfect, even if only in our minds, as we gaze into the magazine covers on the checkstand at the grocery store. Its all about celebrities with good plastic surgery…what else could you really ask for?

Courteney Cox

In a 2010 issue of InStyle Magazine, Hollywood Movie actress, Courteney Cox spilled the beans about a little nip-n-tuck action that she basically said that if it will create joy in a person when the work has been what they expected, there isn’t a darn thing wrong with it. She has been down the Botox road before, she believes that if any person pursues the procedure that it should always have a little premeditation before hand. She noted that, “One time I did too much, though. I feel weird if I can’t move my face, and that one time I overdid it, I felt trapped in my own skin.”

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has stated a few times that she has always had a little bit of jealousy for women who sport larger bosoms. She even cited how lucky those women are who have the ability to wear low-cut necklines and those ultra-sophisticated backless dresses. The envy has never quite overcame her self-confidence within her own signature image, she believes like so many out there that when you stick with your core values, especially in fashion, you always project beauty.

Serena Williams

Whether or not she obtained a nose job or not, whomever had taken up the honor of her work had done a fine job indeed. There is just a subtle difference in the changes in her nose, showing a narrowing and a slight upturn, while at the same time it comes together in a balanced and refined success. These subtle changes show a solid and true artistry at the helm.

Kate Beckinsale

Many have mentioned that Beckinsale over the course of some time has never concluded if she has ever obtained plastic surgery or not. Some of her latest pics have whistled a different tune though. The notion is heavily favored in tinseltown and everybody knows that photoshopped pics are in heavy favor but for some it is just plain hard to tell. The thing is though she has the type of appearance where it is relatively tough to tell if she has or not.

Jennifer Aniston

In Hollywood, plastic surgery is a right of passage to know the in’s-and-outs and the right people to obtain your surgery. Jennifer Aniston clearly took the correct worn path to plastic surgery salvation. The work, especially the Botox was done with such a fine precision and clarity. Her forehead has especially received the special treatment and her nose is said to have been visited twice by the knife, due to work which was done on a deviated septum.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda always had big aspirations to be some what of a fashion granny, the veteran actress has had such a long and prestigious line of credits to her name, one might think that she may just avoid the stigma of plastic surgery in order to preserve a little integrity. Jane Fonda has certainly gone through a great sum of various stages of looks but she has always remained sophisticated and that is the kind of stuff that makes Fonda…well, just another one of the celebrities with good plastic surgery.