Toni Collette Plastic Surgery

Toni Collette Plastic Surgery

Toni Collette Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 1st of November 1972 a Toni Collette in Black town in Western Sydney. She is an Australian musician and actress. She is known for her stage, film and television works. She is a successful actress with a Golden globe and Emmy award to her name. She won the awards for the best actress. She is the daughter to Bob and Judy Collette who worked as a truck driver and customer service representative respectively. She is the eldest and only daughter in her family with two younger brothers Christopher and Ben. She began her career in the early 1990s by playing g a comic role in Spotswood. Her passion in acting begun when she was a young girl. She started acting on stage with her first performance in God Spell musical. When she was eleven years old, she faked appendicitis and caused the doctors to remove her appendix despite not seeing anything wrong with it.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

There are some celebrities who have vowed never to use cosmetic surgery and Toni is one of them. Throughout her career, she has maintained her natural looks. However, she has been speculated to have used the anti-aging to slow down the rate of aging. The speculations surrounding her are controversial since critics offered varying opinions. According to Dr. Sherrel J. Ashton, the actress shows no signs of using the anti-aging procedures. She claims that Toni is a natural. On the other hand, Dr. Nassif argues that the actress shows some signs of Botox. Since the actress has chosen to set herself apart from the rumors being spread about her looks, the truth remains a question of opinion.

Botox and Facelift

The natural beauty has proved that you do not need surgery to be a successful celebrity. She has maintained her natural looks but it is claimed that aging may have pushed her to go against her philosophy. She is not the first celebrity to have to turn to surgery to reverse the aging process. However, her speculations are a bit controversial since some of her pictures capture a few wrinkles. Those arguing that the actress has used cosmetic procedures claim that she has Botox and facelifts minimally only to slow down the rate of aging but not to completely erase all the sign of aging.

Looking at her before and after pictures and considering the fact that she has never altered her looks, she may be blessed with good genes. She has maintained her silence over the whole issue leaving her fans and critics to engage in a hot debate.

Surgery Results

She has always been spectacular in her natural looks. Even when her decision to go for Botox is still debatable, she has showed the world that nature is not always wrong. If she has engaged in the said procedures, she did an admirable job. She is among the celebrities who have set the right example to young girls given that she defies the ideology that celebrities have to be flawless.