Sally Field Plastic Surgery Pictures

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Pictures

 Outstanding Surgery or Outstanding Genetics for Sally Field

Everybody wonders how Sally Field manages to look incredibly stunning in spite of her advanced age. Is Sally Field’s incredible beauty natural or has she had plastic surgery? Like other Hollywood divas, Sally Field denies that she has had plastic surgery. However, the tell-tale signs are all there. She is sixty seven years old and only a miracle can make someone so old to look so youthful. The miracle in Sally’s case is plastic surgery.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Pictures

Hollywood gossip magazines have reported that the enticing actress has undergone more than one cosmetic procedure. Her before and after pictures reveal several noticeable changes. Her eyes look more alert and fresh and there is no single eye bag hanging beneath her eyelids. Her face appears firm and tightened. There are no forehead lines, frown lines, or wrinkle lines on her face. Her skin appears to be supple and luscious. Her skin texture, tone, and color have improved considerably. She also wears her hair in such a manner that her hairline is always concealed. Experts believe that she has had several plastic surgery operations gradually over the years. It is suspected that she has a neck lift, a face lift, skin laser treatments, and Botox injections.

Overall, Sally Field’s plastic surgery has been extremely successful. Whatever procedures she has undergone, she has not overdone anything. She’s been able to balance the procedures by having them done in moderate proportions. In spite of going under the knife, she has been able to maintain an appearance that could pass as natural. The talented actress did not go under the knife when she was young. She has mastered the precious knowledge that the secret behind successful plastic surgery is undergoing the procedures at the right age.

Plastic surgery serves several purposes. The most important one is the incredible gush of ecstasy one gets upon looking in the mirror and seeing that she looks stunning. We live in an ageist society where old age is frowned upon. In Hollywood once the symptoms of old age begin showing on the skin, there is no option but to say goodbye to your career. The human species has spent centuries trying to find the cure for old age. Sally Field is living proof that the cure for old age might be plastic surgery.