Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


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Stockard Channing Latest News!  Welcome Back!

This star has had such a successful and diverse career as an actress since America first fell in love with her as “Rizzo” in the epic American story of Grease.  Stockard Channing will once again be live for her fans, this time in London, starring in Apologia, a drama by the Olivier Award Winner, Alexi Kaye Campbell.  After a ten year hiatus, Channing will break her acting fast as she appears at Trafalgar Studios on July 29th.  The anticipation is growing as her loving followers are increasingly anxious to surround Stockard Channing with the love and celebration that has been growing for a decade.  While her ability to keep a low profile is impressive, the increase in coverage and public attention is once again a building tidal wave.  Along with her stage encore news, her looks have also attracted the rumor rings.  This is very common with celebrities such as Marie Osmond who have endeared Americans for generations.

Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully is, of course, the monumental goal of most Hollywood faces, so it’s not a surprise that with the July 29th performance just a few months away, Stockard Channing is sporting a new, youthful look.  Upon evaluation of the breaking internet photos, it’s hard to dismiss or overlook the apparent treatments, however, her beauty remains.  It is likely that she has received Botox injections and possibly collagen treatments to her lips as well.  These are incredibly common procedures that have a high success rate when expectations are scaled.  In reference to Stockard Channing’s plastic surgery collagen lip injections, she must have followed the adage,

A little goes a long way.

Stockard Channing Before and After Pictures

Stockard Channing is a veteran American actress with a large following. Admired for her beauty and talent, she is among the American actresses who top the list of influential celebrities. Any news about her is considered hot and when the plastic surgery speculations arose everyone was in a deliberation to determine any truth to the speculations. Celebrity bloggers and other plastic surgery speculators are always orgasmic over potential celebrity transformations and how they happened. Additionally, they scour Hollywood for celebrities whose appearances seem to go against natural aging. In the case of Stockard Channing, she seemed to be reversing the aging process. In her sixties, she is the same fabulous Stockard Channing of nearly thirty years ago. It has been determined through outside sources that the star actress has had a total four plastic surgery procedures. All the chosen procedures are centered on either reversing or camouflaging the signs of old age characteristic of women of her maturity.

Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Botox Injections

Botox injection is among Stockard Channing’s plastic surgery go-to’s. When you look at this pretty faced star, notice that her face is rid of the usual wrinkles, laugh lines and other forms of folding skin that evidence the toll of time on a person’s face. Most Hollywood women above the age of forty five do not have these wrinkles at all. The ability to hold onto youthful appearances is attributed to Botox. In the case of Stockard, it is speculated that she had her face injected with collagen. Luckily for her, the results of the Botox injections were those intended by the manufacturer. She looks young in her sixties and at the same time she poses au natural. It is not easy to tell that the star has had a Botox injection until factoring in the lack of wrinkles at her age. This is suggestive of a light approach. Plastic surgery results are best when the star in questions does not over indulge. Especially in the case of Botox, over indulgence might result in the freezing effect which gives an unnatural appearance. Stockard Channing Botox has given her an admirable smooth and wrinkle free facial skin.

Lip Augmentation

Just like neck lifts are sister to facelifts, they say lip augmentation is sister to Botox injections. A lip augmentation procedure involves injecting fillers into the lips to give them a full and sensuous look. It is speculated that aside from the Botox filler injection on her face, the star must have her lips filled. A comparison of her before and after photos shows a difference in the shape and size of her lips. But then again, just because speculations are in the air, it does not necessarily mean that it is the gospel truth. The difference could be attested to makeup. Celebrity gossip columns are trending with Stockard Channing lip job speculations on the claim that it is impossible to have a full and sensuous pair of lips at her age. If she indeed had a lip job, she must have good surgeons since her new lips naturally blend with the rest of her facial features giving her the enviable sexy appearance.


The eye area is another give away for women who are suspected of having had an anti aging plastic surgery. Old age comes with inactivity and a reduction in the rate of the metabolic process. This in turn leads to the disposition of fats around different areas of the body, the eye being one such area. The fats around the eyes infamously known as the eye bags are evidence of the fat disposition process. In order to avert this, eyelifts are carried out. An eyelift procedure gets rid of the bags by eliminating the excess fats around the eyes. Since Stockard Channing does not have these bags, it is speculated that she has had her eyes lifted. Like the other anti aging surgical procedures, the eyelift results were stunning. She looks gorgeous with her bright and open eyes.

Breast Implants

It is speculated that the last of Stockyard Channing plastic surgery updates included breast implants. Breast implants are common among Hollywood women looking to enhance their feminine curves. When the implants are fitted proportionally with the body size, the result is breathtaking. Luckily for Stockyard, her breast implants are proportionate to her frame giving her the sexy feminine curve that is often the topic of discussion among bloggers. Additionally, Stockard has a high sense of fashion and knows the perfect clothes for her body. This coupled with her enhanced looks makes her an object of envy among many women. Stockard Channing plastic surgery speculations are yet to be confirmed. The star has remained tight lipped over these speculations and this makes it difficult to ascertain the degree of truth in them. Despite the controversy surrounding the validity of these speculations, Stockard Channing plastic surgery results were extremely amazing. The star has managed to retain her youthful appearances without losing the natural in her.

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