Lisa Turtle Plastic Surgery

lisa turtle plastic surgery

Lisa Turtle Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Lisa Turtle, the cute girl from 90s television series “Saved by the Bell”, has changed completely. We all know that darker skin tones age far better than lighter colored skin, but Voorhies can’t be used as an example to prove this above mentioned logic. Her charming face has aged miserably and has no traces of cuteness. Yes ageing is not in our hands, but Lark Voogeries ageing is not graceful but rather shocking.  It is not the same face anymore; many blame wrong plastic surgery choices, either procedures or doctors are to blame, maybe she didn’t spend enough money on the latest cosmetic procedures or maybe she wanted to modify outside of her natural beauty. Voorhies was not an unconventional beauty, but there was something magnetic about her vibrant look. Many wonder why she went under the knife in the first place..

Voorhies claim to fame and her transformed appearance

Lark Voorhies is an US based model, singer and writer. She grabbed the spot light via the role of Lisa Turtle in the famous Television series named “Saved by the Bell”. She was nominated for the Young Artist Award four times in consecutive years and end up winning it twice in 1990 and 1993. The popularity of the show marked her presence as Lisa Turtle, which is also now her second identity. While portraying Lisa Turtle, Lark was an adorable cute bubbly girl.

Lisa Turtles before and after photos

Even after the show has gone off air, this model and actress turned several heads by her sexy stunning appearance in various music videos. Suddenly she took a break from media and when she came back, she is a completely different person. This teenage beauty, now a 39 year old mature lady, is rumoured to have undergone numerous plastic surgeries to extend the longevity of her youthfulness. Some of her recent photos and videos provide evidence to the rumors.

Notable changes in her look and rumors about her surgery

The majority of us are astonished by her sudden lighter skin tone, which, by itself, is not unusual considering superstar Pop king Michael Jackson took to skin lightening treatment.  There are many more changes however. Her nose looks different; skin is super smooth with no single crease or wrinkle. Even her eyes looked popped up showing reference of an eye lift surgery. Her overall face also cast a puffy appearance, may be due to some filler injections and botox.

Her Reactions to rumors

Inspite of this high voltage , derogatory talk about Lisa Turtle plastic surgery and her considerably changed look bounces off Voorhies and she is completely fine with any attention she is earning from tinsel town – a few lumens of limelight in her present not so happening carrier.

Plastic surgery and success rate

People who rely on unnatural means (like plastic surgery) to uplift their beauty do not think about the several other irreversible aspects associated with the said therapy. Many end up ok with the right doctor and reasonable expectations and carefully planned augmentations while others end up spoiling God’s best creation. Cameron Diaz who publicly admitted of having botox surgery and regrets doing the same.  While on the other side, Kim Kardashian, flaunts her implanted curves in poise.

Lark Voorhies plastic surgery is just another depressing example of facial surgery that went wrong. Though Voorhies has denied any of these above mentioned charges regarding face makeover, the paparazzi have always come around with the infamous before and after photographs, literally marked with circles and arrows to draw the viewer’s attention to certain areas where change is supposed to have taken place. These add further disturbance to her turmoil career plot which now has charges of bipolar syndrome, raised by her own mother… however we know with celebrity family members, one cannot take them at their word alone.