No Min Woo Plastic Surgery

no min wu plastic surgery

No Min Woo Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

He was born on the 29th of May 1986 in Japan to a twenty year old young woman who had dreams of becoming an enka singer. He is a South Korean musician and actor. In 2004, he debuted as a drama of a band but he quit in 2006. He began his acting career in 2008 by appearing in several television movies and series. My Girl Friend is a Nine Tailed Fox and Pasta are among the television works he has been featured in. After years of being featured in movies, he went back to singing under the stage name ICON.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Some few years ago, whenever plastic surgery was mentioned, it was natural to think about Hollywood. However, this is no longer the case since South Korean is among the Asian countries with the highest number of celebrities going for cosmetic procedures. This culture has affected most of the celebrities most of who have engaged in cosmetic procedures for one reason or another. Apparently, the handsome South Korean actor and musician has not been left behind. It is speculated that he went for a nose job and a skin lightening procedure.

The South Korean hank who has been faced by gay rumors due to his almost feminine looks has remained quite over the trending speculation. He only reacted to the gay rumors and lashed backed at the perpetrators asking them to end these baseless rumors. With his silence. He has left his fans with the option of comparing his before and after pictures. Judging from the pictures trending in the internet, there is a noticeable difference in the shape and size of his nose and his skin color. When it comes to comparing pictures, lighting effects and picture angle should be considered. However, most critics argue that are not the reasons behind the change in No Min Woo’s appearance.

Nose Job and Skin Lightening

Nose jobs are the preferred procedures for celebrities looking to alter their appearance. No Win had a relatively wide nose with a bulbous tip. This is what had disappeared in his new nose. He must have gone for a minor procedure to narrow this tip.

It is also believed that he has gone for a skin lightening procedure. A milky white skin is often associated with beauty and elegance. Celebrities who feel they are not light enough go for this procedure to enhance their natural looks. No Min has always been a natural beauty with his feminine features. He is definitely whiter in his after photos begging the question is this cosmetic surgery or lighting effects?

Surgery Results

With all the fuss about No Min Woo’s looks, one thing is obvious: he has an extra ordinary appearance. In this case, he looks more handsome than before. Followed by gay rumors, the actor has a fair skin and extremely attractive facial features. Luckily for him, all the surgeries went well. His new and elegant nose is the perfect match for the rest of his facial features and his lighter skin tone has enhanced his attractiveness.