Rebecca Romijn Plastic Surgery

Rebecca Romijn Plastic Surgery

Rebecca Romijn Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Rebecca Alie Romijn on the 6th November 1972 in Berkley California. She is a former fashion model and an actress. She is famous for portraying the role of mystique in the film X-Men. She has also played famous roles in movies including Joan in the Punisher, Ugly Betty among many others. She is the daughter to Elizabeth and Jaap Romijn. Her father worked as a furniture maker while her mother worked as an English as a second language tutor at a community college and a textbook author. He inherited an English and Dutch ancestry from his mother’s side. His father is a native of Barneveld in Holland. She has talked about her insecurities as a child by referring to herself as a “drama geek”.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

The actress has maintained her natural beauty throughout her time in the industry. She has been a trend setter and a fashion icon since her modelling days. However, it is now claimed that she is no longer a natural beauty since she has turned to cosmetic surgery to look young. The fear of old age is a common thing among celebrities and with the many anti-aging procedures at their disposal, they are able to reverse the aging process. Although Rebecca has not offered an official; statement on the trending speculations, she is surely an enviable female figure in the industry. Dr. Jennifer Walden argues that the actress is a natural beauty but Dr. DI Saia contradicts this comment. Saia claims that she has undergone a liposuction procedure.

Botox and Liposuction

The ever young and refreshed Rebecca has been rumored to having used Botox to reverse the aging process. Her smooth and shiny facial skin is believed to be as a result of a moderate engagement with Botox. Celebrities have discovered the moderate use of Botox as the most effective way to fight wrinkles. When used correctly, it gives one a smooth face while preserving natural beauty. The actress has thrown people into confusion since her use of Botox is not an obvious fact but a mere speculation.

It is also believed that the actress has undergone a liposuction procedure. After giving birth, women undergo several changes including the disposition of fats in the tummy among other areas of the body. The actress shared with the public that she had lost approximately 60lbs after giving birth. This statement is what set the wheels of liposuction in motion. While Dr. Jennifer Walden disagrees with these speculations, Dr. Saia agrees with them. Saia argues that the sudden loss of weight is unnatural and she must have sought some help through a liposuction.

Surgery Results

The actress looks much prettier than she did before. In fact, it is like she is getting better as she ages. She has sent heads whirling over her secret to graceful aging. Her flawless beauty and slender but curvy body frame has earned her the title as one of the most attractive female celebrity. All her surgeries were a definite success.