Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery

Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery and New Look Before and After Photos

Jada Pinkett is not only famous for marrying a star, she is a multi talented woman whose fame as a director, producer, actress, singer and song writer brought her to the limelight. Despite her tremendous talents that have shown in most of her works, her life in show biz has been rid of weird events. However, as she ushered in her 40th birthday, she also ushered in plastic surgery speculations. At the age of forty most women have a fair share of aging symptoms and are prawn to turn to surgery to get rid of these symptoms. A comparison of her before and after photos reveals a considerable amount of difference in her appearance. To add on this, she does not show all the aging symptoms common to women of her age. It is due to this and the dramatic change in the appearance of her cheeks that gave birth to plastic surgery speculations.

Jada Pinkett Plastic Surgery Rumors

There is no doubt that Jada’s cheeks have undergone major transformation. This difference has in turn affected her general facial appearance. Whereas cheek fillers are meant to make a woman look younger, Jada’s case is different. The fillers were poorly done giving her a weird appearance. She definitely looked better without them. The age of forty ushers in new aging realities which most women in the showbiz industry turn to surgery to handle. It is however disappointing when a surgical procedure makes a woman appear old than her actual age. Jada Pinkett plastic surgery is a case of surgery that did not go well. Her cheeks were overly done, giving her face an unbalanced appearance. Only a surgery specialist can give a detailed explanation of what went wrong with Jada Pinkett plastic surgery.jada pinkett

Surgery or Bad Aging?

As much as it is speculated that Jada might have had other surgical procedures, the check fillers have been the center of her surgery discussions. It is not clear whether or not she has had this surgery since it is hard to establish whether or not she has the courage to face the surgeon’s knife. However, she has openly condemned fellow showbiz personalities who have had too many surgical procedures. In essence, she leaves room to speculate that she loves plastic surgery except when it is not overly done. What went wrong with her case? That is a question that you can’t help ask while staring at her after picture.

Jada remains tight lipped about these speculations. Amidst the criticism and her fans outcry, she chooses to share her exercise tips and diet plans with the rest of the world. Dr. Anthony Youn adds his professional view on the ongoing debate about Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery. According to his keen professional and experienced eye, Jada may have had fats injected on her cheeks or silicon augmentated on her cheeks. With this professional view, it becomes more difficult for the speculations to just die away.

Was The Surgery Necessary?

There is no doubt that something happened to Jada’s cheeks, if she does not offer an explanation, then the surgery speculations remain the only valid explanation to this weird transformation. Judging from her age, the check fillers were a necessary procedure to help with the sagging cheeks. However, judging from the results of the surgery, then the procedure is deemed unnecessary. It failed to make her younger and she looks older instead. Most of her fans are scared that Jada may indulge in too much surgeries. Judging from her comment, she is not the type to overdo her procedures. Maybe her surgeon let her down but either way, the cheek fillers were a flop and Jada should most probably resign her case to fate.