Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Sarah Jessica parker is an American actress born on the 25th of March in Nelsonville Ohio in 1965. The 49 year old actress was enrolled in a singing and ballet class at a very tender age and later when her family moved t New York her acting career took the front under the guidance of her mother and step father, Sarah was turned into a talented actress whose star has shone throughout her career. She achieved her major breakthrough when she was featured in the sitcom Square Pegs as Patty Greene. After this role, she caught the eyes of many and was then featured in other films with the most famous among them being the television series Sex and the City. It is difficult to talk about Sex and the City without talking about Sarah Jessica parker. However, recent news about the American actress concern the plastic surgery speculations leveled against her. It has been speculated that she is among the actresses who have benefited from plastic surgery.

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty and Botox

Sarah’s nose seems to look different from her previous nose. This has been thought to be as a result of rhinoplasty. Hollywood celebrities seeking to have their looks accentuated opt for rhinoplasty since a narrow ridged nose works wonders on general appearance. However, it cannot be confirmed that these speculations are true since Sarah has denied them. The nose difference seen upon a comparison of her before and after photo can be as a result of makeup and not necessarily rhinoplasty. As it is the norm with Botox speculations, Sarah’s face is rid of wrinkles ass it is claimed by speculators. Despite the fact that the star has argued that her face has the lines, speculators think that these lines are too subtle for a 49 year old. Botox is a wrinkle removal injection injected right under the skin to smoothen and straighten skin.

Future Hand Surgery?

According to a tabloid, Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery speculations have to take a new turn. The tabloid claimed that she was planning to have a future hand surgery. In an interview, Sarah dismissed these claims as baseless rumors since she did not have such plans. She added that she was proud of her natural hands which she had inherited from her mother. It is difficult to ascertain whether or not plastic surgery speculations are true especially when the celebrity in question has denied the claims. Speculators have never stopped observing and documenting celebrity changes but there are some celebrities who have openly denied the most obvious procedures. Jessica’s speculated procedures are not very y obvious leaving you to depend on her word. Botox is a non invasive procedure difficult to prove unless something goes wrong and the celebrity’s face becomes frozen.

Surgery Results

Despite her denials, critics have argued that Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery results were amazing. The alleged rhinoplasty procedure gave her a nose to be proud of. Looking at her face, it is difficult to believe that the new nose is not naturally hers. In case it is the work of a makeup artist, then this is an artist who is good at his or her job. Similarly, it also seems like she is using the Botox injection in moderation. According to her, she has the wrinkles but on her pictures rending on the internet do not show these wrinkles. If his is the work of Botox she deserves a round of applause for not over indulging. She can also be given the benefit of doubt that her ability to reverse the aging process may be based on the use of natural anti aging procedures.