Barry Manilow Age

Barry Manilow Age

Barry Manilow Age – Before and After Pictures

On the 17th of June 1943, Barry was born as Barry Alan Pincus to Edna Manilow and Harold Pincus. He is a renowned song writer, singe and producer whose talent says it all about him. He adopted his mother’s maiden name which he uses up to now. Barry is a talented musician and his career success says it all. More than thereof his albums have hit the best selling chats. He is famous for hits like Copacabana and Mandy among many others. Recently, his handsome face has changed for the worse no only because he is aging but because his attempts to reverse the aging process did not go as planned. At the age of 71, Barry seems to have an unnatural appearance that is definitely not good for the camera. In his young days, he was known and loved for his handsome face and mind blowing music compositions that took the world by storm. However, all this has changed thanks to plastic surgery.

Barry Manilow Age

What Are His Surgeries?

From the look at his after surgery photos, it is clear that the star has lost his face to botched facelift. It is unfortunate that Barry’s face is no longer a pleasant site. Critics speculate that his case is over indulgence in either Botox or facelift and the possibility of an inexperienced surgeon. He has also had a nose job which according to him was not carried out as a narcissistic need but because he had had an accident. This has been dismissed as mere excuses to justify having had the procedure done. Most surgeons agree that despite the fact than celebrities are an appearance conscious lot and they are in love with cosmetic surgery, very few of them are willing to admit that they have had these procedures performed on them and instead come up with weird stories and excuses to justify their indulgence with cosmetic surgery.

Face Lift, Botox and Nose Job Claims

It is expected of celebrities to have their looks accentuated and reverse the aging process. It has become a norm that Hollywood is not for the wrinkled celebrities and this makes the aging insecure of their place and forces them to turn to plastic surgery. While some celebrities chose the safest way to indulge in cosmetic surgery which involves modest use, some go over the roof in their aspirations and their image and career have to suffer the consequence. The essence of cosmetic surgery is to look better than before but this does not mean that the opposite cannot happen. The singing sensation’s face says it all. He is one of those celebrities who get you thinking that he would look better with his wrinkles than with the botched job.

Surgery Results

The results of his plastic surgery were disastrous to him and to his career. He had endeared fans but with his current looks, this may be a bit difficult. Luckily for him, he has already established his legacy and this may not be a huge blow to his career. Barry Manilow looks older than his age, the complete opposite of what celebrities aspire to achieve with anti aging procedures. His face looks frozen and plastic in a manner that has aged his appearance drastically. Of all his surgeries , the nose job is the only one that delivered fair results, however, the nose job is not relevant in terms of turning the effects of old age. He has a wrinkle free face, smooth and shiny but too tight. Botox must have frozen his facial muscles too since he can barely afford a genuine smile. It would be wise if the star considered to stay off these procedures and allow nature to take its course.