Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery

Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery

Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 4th of June 1985 in Hod Hasharon Israel. She is a renowned super model with looks and a body to match. At the age of 29, she has many achievements to her name ranging from being an activist and leader of campaigns, fashion model and cover girl of magazines. In 2009, she was the cover model of the Sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue and in 2012, she was voted as the hottest beauty in Maxim top 100 hot celebrities list. Her family owns a horse ranch in Israel but the celebrity seems to have inherited the modeling genes from her mom who was a model in 1970.the Israel born super model is anther celebrity to be followed by plastic c surgery speculations. Allegedly it is claimed that she has turned to plastic surgery to rejuvenate her facial skin all in a possible attempt to stay atop f her career.

Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery

The Vampire Facelift

A facelift is the only speculated Bar Refaeli plastic surgery .according to critics; her fresh face speaks volumes of plastic surgery. Bar made the work of speculators much easier when she posted pictures of her bloody face on Instagram. “Vampire facelift” this is the term used to refer to her kind of facelift. Not many celebrities have embraced this new form of surgery but it seems like Bar Refaeli decided to join Kim in this revolutionized facial makeover. She underwent the procedure instead of the convention facelift in an attempt to get rid of wrinkles and acne from her pretty face. The $ 1500 procedure is not as famous as the usual facelift but the actress claims that it works fine since she used her own blood to rejuvenate her facial complexion. Scary as it may sound, the supermodel seems to like it.

What Does The Facelift Entail?

Since the procedure uses your own blood, blood is drawn from the body. Through centrifuge, the blood is separated into plasma rich in platelets. The compound is then mixed with the commercial fillers either Juverderm or Restylene and the new blood rich filler is injected on your face. According to the inventors of this cosmetic technology, the new compound is rich enough to stimulate the production of collagen which helps with the formation of a new layer of skin. The formed layer will be young and refreshed free of wrinkles, sags and even acne. Clearly, this is a whole new procedure that has brought a twist to the conventional facelift. It does not only take money but courage to go under such a procedure. It is claimed that the degree of effectiveness is yet to be established but as soon as the procedure will be proved efficient, you can be sure that the list of celebrities who have gone for the vampire facelift will get longer.

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

According to Dr. Richard Baxter, this procedure is not an actual facelift. To him it is more of a facial filler injection than a facelift since it still involves reversing old age via facial fillers. Judging from the celebrities who have had this procedure, nothing on their faces seem out of place, they have managed to rejuvenate their facial skin without the negatives. It cannot be establishes as whether or not this is an automatic result of the vampire facelift or simply a skin rejuvenating procedure gone well. Bar Refaeli plastic surgery is a controversial case but the results of the said facelift were amazing. The model looks younger, gorgeous and radiant, important qualities that are needed for the success of her modeling career.